Top Trending Crafts for 2019

A new year is here and that means a new look at crafting trends… if you were into macramé, weaving and fiber arts last year, it’s time to pick up a few new tricks for 2019. With the arts and crafts industry rising to an all time high, and 63% of all U.S. households involved in one type of craft or another, you can find new crafts ideas for sale on every corner and to do-it-yourself projects at every craft store! Here’s a peek at what to try this year:


1) Pyrography, a.k.s. Wood burning, is hot for 2019. Pyrography is the art of decorating wood with fire marks. Pyrography translates to “Writing with Fire” so let’s give a quick nod to the Greeks for naming it because, “pur” means fire and “graphos” means writing. Different shades are achieved by using varied temperatures and heated metal tools. In today a modern world, it is a great way to create gorgeous personalized gifts. You can buy a beginner Pyrography Kit at online retailers and craft store.

Dirty Pouring

2) Dirty Pouring has an interesting name but is a very trendy way to create beautiful artwork. Dirty Pouring involves mixing multiple acrylic paint colors into a single container before pouring it on the canvas. You can pour it on the canvas in a circle, lines, or one big splat then tilt the canvas until it’s covered. The paints mix together to create a unique design with shapes, marble effects and beautiful lines. There are tons of tutorials online to help you get started.

Candle Making

3) Candles are no longer saved for celebrations and dinner parties; a recent study shows over 60% of American households burn candles on a regular basis. And now, thanks to the craft industry, you can make your own candles in any size and shape than you want. Today you can use environmentally safe soy wax, create your own aromatherapy candles, create tapered candles, rolled beeswax candles, or even small votive candles to use daily. At home candle making is on the rise for 2019 and there are plenty of beginner books and online classes available to get you started.


4) Calligraphy is an old art form making a comeback in 2019. Sure it’s easy to machine print a beautifully printed letter, sign or invitation but people are gravitating to using ink and actually writing by hand. As technology grows, people are more and more learning to appreciate the tiny imperfections made by hand. So pick up a nib and start writing, with a little practice, who knows, you could become the next great hand lettering artist


5) Wabi-sabi is a top design trend this year that comes from the Japanese philosophy of embracing imperfections. The Wabi-Sabi aesthetic celebrates the beauty of something that is not complete perfection. Ideas can range from gluing a broken ceramic mug back together so you can see the cracks, gluing a broken plate together with visible dried glue, sewing a home decor item with big stitches, or allowing the mending on a garment to be shown. What a lovely way to appreciate life and repurpose items you thought were throwaways.

Finding inspiration to make something is the true takeaway from these crafting trends. The hope is that you get inspired to create and enjoy trying new crafts all year long!

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