Christmas Decor Styling Trends!

I am always in the holiday spirit especially when glitter and flocking are involved…

…so, as we cover the top trends in holiday decorating, flocking is high on the list!  The trend was popular in the 1950s and 1960s during the post war boom but like many fads it is cyclical and the vintage look of a flocked Christmas tree is back for 2019.  Today there are pre-flocked trees for your in many shapes and sizes; no make it at home messy flocking happening here! If you are not willing to fully embrace a flocked tree for the main focal point of your home decor, I recommend buying a smaller sized flocked tree for an alternate room in the house.

Other festive holiday trends to consider are:

COBALT BLUE METALLICS & PLATINUM colors for your tree or on your tree! Just add the color BLUE to your tree using ornaments, ribbons, lights or get a tree that is blue and add coordinating elements to it. This look is elegant, stylish, rich, artistic, and perfect for this magical time of year.

MODERN FARMHOUSE: give your tree that cozy cabin look by incorporating warm lights, birch wood accent ornaments, flannel ribbons, pinecones! Add a little eggnog and some Netflix an you are in the for the winter!

Include BOTANICALS to your tree! This is a fun twist on normal decor… just add different types of faux plants and flowers to your tree by inserting a variety into the branches in strategic locations. You can use Hibiscus leaves, succulents, ferns, tropical plants, flowers; the ideas here are endless and this adds an unexpected addition to a traditional tree!

LIGHTING – get a pre-lit tree then add a set of flashing lights down the inside center of the tree! It is subtle and will look like the tree is twinkling. Using NOVELTY lights is another way to maximize your lighting while keeping with a minimalistic style. Use the large, vintage multicolored bulbs on a tree and leave it at that. The bulbs are so big that look like ornaments – not much to it but it looks so festive. Simple but bright. – buy anywhere they sell Xmas lights OR buy them on a tree already pre-lit!

MULTIPLE TREES IN HOME – if there is a room add a tree! ONE can be family heirloom ornaments and the others can be themed – people are doing a lot with themes and styles but the old fashion nostalgic these are my old Christmas ornament trees are still on trend.

THEMED are great idea when you are decorating multiple trees in your home.  Many families have taken on the tradition of creating a Memorial tree, others who are into the social media are creating “selfie trees”, if you can find some old video reels you can make a Hollywood tree using film  and stars, candy cane trees are fun for the kids room using all pink and red and street signage, or even creating an Ombree tree with a rainbow of colored flowers circling down from top to bottom. A themed tree is something meaningful to you!

Get creative with your GIFT WRAP because as soon as it goes under the tree, it is part of the holiday decor! Try using plain craft paper or a brown paper bag for the wrapping then tie it with a thin red ribbon and tuck in botanical leaves OR use left over wall paper as wrapping! You can even use book pages for the wrapping or for name tags! Recycle, reuse and repurpose joyfully!

Decorating for the holidays is like a mini makeover for the interior design of your home testing out new colors, rearranging furniture, switching out home accessories and cleaning up papers and magazines that collect in areas around the house.

You can give your home an entire new look during the Holidays by changing up the norm but the best part is that it’s temporary. And, when the new year comes you clean up and you clean out and start fresh!

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