The Latest: 5 Tips to Make your Next Tailgate a Winner

With the NFL season kicking off tomorrow, what better way to celebrate than to share a few tips on how to spice up your next tailgate to make your next NFL tailgate a success. From homemade DIY décor, to creative new foods, here are tips to make your next tailgate a winner this NFL season.

Tips for Making your next tailgate a winner,

1-Get creative with your food

Move away from the tailgate classics like grilling burgers and brats, and try some new recipes. Grilled ham and cheese sliders, brisket sandwiches, and buffalo chicken dip are all some of the endless possibilities to add into your next tailgate roster. Incorporate some DIY decorations, like referee utensil holders, and football bowls into your food spread to bring the team spirit.

tips for making your next tailgate a winner,

2-Create some signature cocktails

Every great tailgate needs a signature cocktail. A fun way to support your favorite NFL team is to create a signature cocktail centered around the teams’ colors. For example, Chicago Bears fans could make themed Jell-O shots by layering different colored Jell-O. Layer the bottom half of the shot with orange Jell-O and use blue food coloring to darken blue Jell-O to a deeper blue. Fans of different teams can mix and match Jell-O colors to show their team spirit.

3-Create your own spirit gear

Get creative and make your own team gear! Instead of using fleece for a stadium blanket, DIY your own game day sweatshirt to show your team spirit. Anyone can sew this simple pattern. Thrift a jean jacket and find iron on patches or vintage pins to add to your look or upcycle an old football jersey.

4-Decorate your space

Simple ideas like a football field table cover and goal post popcorn holders are great for decorating your space. Add in team logos and colors to elevate the tailgate and bring the morale. Custom team spirit napkins are an easy to make, easy to clean idea that are budget friendly because they are reusable. A fun idea is to make two sets of napkins with the two opposing teams and have your guests pick the winner! Football placemats are a great way to elevate your table.

5-Have fun with it!

However you choose to tailgate, make sure you’re having fun with friends and family. Relax, eat, drink, and cheer on your team this NFL season! These tips are sure to make your next tailgate a winner this season.

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