The Dirt on Gardening

In this Creative Living podcast, Jane gets the dirt on gardening.

With experts Katie Rotella and Claire Josephson from Wave Gardening and Burpee brands, they cover all things gardening, from the basics to the more advanced.

Clair Josephson, Jane Clauss and Katie Rotella in front of the Wave Petunias van - The Dirt on Gardening - JaneClauss.com

In this Creative Living podcast, Jane gets the dirt on gardening with experts Katie Rotella and Claire Josephson from Wave Gardening and Burpee brands. They cover all things gardening, from the basics to the more advanced.  They talk about everything from choosing the right plants to caring for them, and they also share tips and tricks to get your garden going.

Jane’s mission is to remind us all that gardening can help unlock the creative side of your personality. Here is the episode dissected just for you:

1:00 Meet the experts from Ball Horticulture

3:10 Gardens of al types are can be a success by everyone and anyone with a desire not just the people born with a green thumb.

4:50 The experts answer why starting a garden should begin with flowers or vegetables and the answers give you the ultimate decisions. No rotten tomatoes were thrown with their difference of opinions.

7:20 We find out why Wave Petunias are the rock stars of the garden and how they can add the pop of color you’re looking for to express your creativity in the garden.

Wave Petunias the Rock Stars of the flower garden - The Dirt on Gardening - JaneClauss.com

8:40 Discover which flowers are “sun lovers” and how to pair them perfectly with fellow sun worshipping blooms.

10:30 The experts give some insight into the flowers and plants that do well in the shade that are easy to take care of and create a beautiful oasis. We see you Begonias!

11:50 Why Jane’s theory of “More is More and Less is a Bore” works for the garden too.

13:00 Trend spotting with Trend #1: being mindful of your pocketbook while still creating a gardening that is full and lush. Mega Watts can help.

15:10 The experts dive into the number one rule when it comes to the season of planting and tell us when to start. Best advice is to check your weather app. Find out why!

16:50 Learn more about “Lemmy” Jane’s lemon tree and if it will survive an unusual spring cold snap.

Lemmy the Lemon Tree - The Dirt on Gardening - JaneClauss.com

18:20 Home sales have changed the way people approach their gardens giving new meaning to the old nursery rhyme Mary, Mary quite contrary How does your garden grow? All the flowers, all the colors, All in a perfect row! Yes, gardens are getting bigger and homeowners are getting more hands-on.

19:20 Trend #2: Create an all-in-one vegetable and flower garden in a pot! One example is to mix compact slicing tomato plant with red Wave Petunias useable basil. You will always have color, scent and a harvest.

All in One Garden Pot Italian Bistro The Dirt on Gardening - JaneClauss.com

21:00 Trend #3: Tropical Colors are bringing gardeners on a mental mini vacation with these bright, bold looks.  Try incorporating the color of the year, Viva Magenta, into your garden with Wave Petunias.

22:30 Need to find out what colors and types of flowers and plants are available to you? The experts offer up all the resources you need.

Tropical Colored Flowers - The Dirt on Gardening - JaneClauss.com

23:30 Trend #4: Indoor Gardening. Who says you need to get dirty to have a garden. The experts explain the hottest trend of “Kitchen Minis” and why they are low care and perfect for anyone who wants a harvest.

24:30 The experts give us their quick fire answers for inspiration on alternatives to use instead of a traditional pot, planting in unexpected places, adding personality to your garden with jewelry, best gardening tool and more.

26:40 The experts give us some final advice and how you can not make a mistake when it comes to creativity in the garden.

Inside the podcast studio -  The Dirt on Gardening - JaneClauss.com

27:41 Get all the info you need on how to connect with the experts at Wave, Burpee and the parent company, Ball Horticulture, with socials and sites for more inspiration.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, learning the Creative Roots of Gardening is the perfect Creative Living podcast episode for you!

Jane Clauss and Katie Rotella in the Ball Gardens - The Dirt on Gardening - JaneClauss.com

For more inspiration on gardening check out how to create a garden that is uniquely yours with Katie Rotella.

Jane Clauss is a multimedia creative living expert learn more about Jane now.

In the studio with Jane -  The Dirt on Gardening - JaneClauss.com

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