Spring Projects for 3 Main Areas of the Home

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Kick Start your Spring Projects with these easy DIY ideas.

Spring is almost here so that means it’s time to come out of winter hibernation and clean out the old to bring in the new.  So let’s kick start your spring projects in these three main areas of the home starting with some useful tips to get the outside looking good, the inside shipshape, and your decor projects a new look for spring.

1. Outdoors

Tackle those outdoor spaces and boost your home’s curb appeal.  Your gutters and downspouts probably collected falling leaves, so clear out the debris.  Cleaning the gutters will help with drainage and can help prevent any water damage from spring rainfall.  This is also a perfect time to see if your roof is in good shape.   Replacing any missing shingles or cleaning up moss or mold could help you avoid a big roof repair down the road.  It may challenging, and maybe even scary depending on the height of your home, so if the project is too big call a professional.  It can be a safer and simpler way to get the job done.

Cleaning gutters for Spring

Your windows are probably also showing some streaking debris and build up from the winter cold. So grab a bucket and clean the inside and outside of your windows.  Also, check the window panes for gaps and cracks in the sealants.  Any damage there can create air and water leaks which will lead to your HVAC system working harder and high energy bills.

Next, uncover the outdoor furniture or bring it out from storage and give it a good pressure wash to remove all the dirt and grime; and while you’re at it turn that power washer on the deck too!

Cleaning the Grill

Don’t forget to check the grill to see if it needs a little TLC.  Scrub it down with warm soapy water, check for leaks, take off the grates and clean them with a soft wire brush, tighten any loose screws or bolts and to make sure it’s ready for the first cookout of the season.

2. Indoors

Moving inside, after a long winter it’s important to clean the carpets, rugs and runners.  During the colder months slush, salt, mud, dirt and so many more unthinkable things are all tracked in, and on to your floors.  First, mop the floors using a mixture of vinegar and water to dissolve any residue.  Deep clean your carpets to remove dust mites and allergens. Hire a professional if you don’t have the proper equipment or your can rent the gear to do it yourself.  And don’t forget about the rugs and runners too.

Steam cleaning carpets

You can also wash or dry clean your draperies since you have already cleaned the windows and now you’re working on the inside; it will make for a fresh and clean start to spring.

Spring the perfect time to change the air filters in your home. This will ensure that your HVAC system will run efficiently over the next few months. And you can breathe easy knowing your filters are not clogged or dirty.  Also, many HVAC pros say a good rule of thumb to remember is “the cheaper the filter the better”.  The reason,  the more filtration increases airflow resistance which makes the system performance drop. The cheaper filters keep out the bad while keeping the system working with ease. The most important thing to remember is to change your air filters regularly.

Cleaning the refridgerator

This time of year is the best time to pare down any clutter you may have accumulated.  Start by making a room-by-room plan and don’t put pressure on yourself to do everything at once.  Make keep, donate and trash piles so when you go through your clutter you have somewhere to toss the items. Remember if you haven’t used an item in a year, you probably don’t need it. Start small and tackle one area at a time.

Declutter Keep Donate and Trash piles

One space that sometimes get overlooked is the pantry.  So host your own pantry party and take time and go through your canned goods to make sure nothing has expired.  Then make a list of the items you need to stock up on to get ready for the season, like barbeque sauce for upcoming cookouts.  Remember, to check the species and seasonings too, if there is a spice in the pantry that is over a year old, it’s time to toss it.

Start your spring cleaning early, focusing on one room or space at a time making a running “to-do” list of the room and what needs to be deep cleaned each week.  And by the start of spring you’ll have the house sparkling for the season.

3. Home décor

Now that your space is clutter free and clean, it’s time to decorate.  You can re-energize your home by adding colorful pillows to cozy couches and lighter weight throws will add a nice accent to any room. Yellows and greens are the popular colors of the year and just a splash of color will add a fresh springtime feel to any room.  Think about swapping out your duvet covers and comforters for a lighter weight quilt for the bed. You can also add some lightweight sheers to lighten up the space.

Adding bright pillows to the couch for spring

Wash down and dust off the shelves, declutter and rearrange your bookshelf, and organize your your WFH desk space.  Another fun task is to swap out the photos in your frames for something new to look at.

Painting is also a great way to refresh a room.  So paint an accent wall a bright color perfect for spring. You can change the color of this wall every season

Another top tip: a simple rearranging of furniture can give your rooms a completely new look for the new season.

Just Start

Motivation is the key to getting started. So take a minute to decide where and how you want to kick start your spring projects.  Make a list and begin with the one that you know you will enjoy most.  Sometimes the hardest part is to get started so make a deal with yourself to take a break every 20 minutes to check out your handy work.

Happy Girl Motivated to Clean

Every time you complete a task and check it off your list, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction that you did it yourself!  Chances are that once you embark on your spring project “to-do” list, you’ll be motivated and realize anything is possible.  Remember to start small, tackle one project at time, and look on the bright side, it’s SPRING!

SPRING DIY frame sign

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