Last minute Christmas Decor DIY Ideas!

There is still time to get inspired with these last minute Christmas decor DIY ideas.

There are so many Christmas decor DIY ideas when it comes to the holidays, it’s like a gift for your creativity! From repurposed glam to upcrafted sporty and everything in between, it’s not too late to add these craftastic ideas into your holiday home decor.

Last minute Christmas Decor DIY Ideas! - Ugly Sweater pillows - JaneClauss.com

Did your ugly christmas sweater get a lot of laughs last year?  Well, let’s have some more fun with it this year and turn it into a festive pillow cover. All you need to do is cut the sweater into a square that fits a pillow form (or a current throw pillow that is already on your couch), stitch up 3 sides (and, I always say, if you can’t sew, ask a neighbor with a sewing machine, or make a quick trip to the seamstress down the street, or you can even use safety pins or fabric glue), then slip it over your pillow. And it’s a perfect addition to your holiday home decor.

Last minute Christmas Decor DIY Ideas! - necktie table runner - JaneClauss.com

Does dad or grandpa have a few extra ties lying around? Let’s repurpose those old ties and create a Christmas table runner. All you need are red and green ties with any pattern or theme, sew them together lengthwise and you’re done. It’s a table runner like no other!

Christmas Decor DIY Ideas! - Wine glass slippers - JaneClauss.com

And your wine glasses can’t be left undressed! So, create these cute “wine glass slippers” out of your favorite christmas fabric for a simple last minute Christmas DIY decor for your holiday table.  These are also really great cuz now everyone knows which glass belongs to them!

Christmas Decor DIY Ideas! - Santa Candy jars - JaneClauss.com

We know the holidays are for gift giving, party going, and cookie eating so if you have a ton of places to go to this season don’t show up empty-handed bring a smart hostess gift a with a touch of DIY and you’ll definitely be invited back.  These Santa Candy Jars are a great way to repurpose an old glass jar and decorate it like santa using felt and googly eyes, and fill it with candy. Easy peasy and it makes a super festive Christmas DIY decor.

Last minute Christmas Decor DIY Ideas! - denim wine sleeves - JaneClauss.com

Or, if you are bringing a bottle make your own wine sleeve using an old pair of jeans. You can always personalize it by adding embroidery, a applique or an iron-on image. Simply put your bottle in your new denim wine bag, add a card, some ribbon and even a wine opener!

Christmas DIY Decor idea - Baseball cap wreath - JaneClauss.com

One of the best parts of about the holidays is decorating your door with a festive Christmas wreath and this year you can get sporty with this last minute Christmas DIY decor idea.  If you have a baseball lover in the family, borrow their caps to make a wreath. You don’t even have to cut the caps just pin them on to a foam circle and you have a baseball cap wreath…. And the best part, if the team goes on run the ball caps can still be worn!

Holiday DIY - book folded christmas tress - JaneClauss.com

Book folding is on trend right now so a quick and a easy home decor project is to  make a folded book Christmas tree.  Simply fold a book into a Christmas tree shape, add it to a repurposed candlestick for the base, use a small door knob for the top and a few buttons as ornaments.  It is the perfect tabletop Christmas tree and easy to make too!

Christmas tree - Upcycled CD ornaments - JaneClauss.com

When it comes to last minute Christmas DIY ideas, you can decorate your tree with personalize CD ornaments.  CDs are so 20 years ago but don’t throw them away, cover them with felt and a photo, add on some embellishments and this Christmas DIY decor idea is ready for the tree.

Velvet Jeweled Christmas Tree wall hanging - JaneClauss.com

And finally, if you like a little bling with your holiday fling repurpose old costume jewelry into a velvet Christmas tree wall hanging.  It will look like you spent millions on it but you know you made it yourself.

There you go, super easy last minute Christmas DIY decor ideas. With a little inspiration and some imagination, you can have fun with your decor, get creative with your design, and create something special this holiday season.

Santa Clauss cozy house slippers

And while you are making and getting creative you might as well get comfy too in these unique holiday inspired cozy house slippers! 

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