DIY Baby Gifts Fit for Royalty

These clever ideas will have every little prince or princess cooing a little more. So let’s get started on making these 4 gifts and planning the ultimate post baby party!

Start by creating a practical present for the little bundle of joy with stuff every new parent would want. Plus, it’s a no waste gift; everything in this basket can be used in the coming months. Instead of using a box or bag, wrap the items in a laundry basket or toy bin; then fill the basket with useful items like diapers, bottles, pacifiers, onesies, bath supplies, books, toys and more to make mom and dad’s trip to the store a little less frequent. And the bin or basket can be a cute catchall for the nursery!

When your craft skills and cleverness collide, you can create a unique wreath made from rolled up diapers and baby bath items. It’s a cute presentation but an “oh so necessary” gift.

Another gift that new mom’s always love and actually really need are blankets. While the newborn may get a ton of crocheted throws you can make an easy fleece blankly. To give it an extra touch, personalize it with the baby’s name and/or mom’s favorite symbol monogrammed on each corner. The baby will love touching the tied ends and the color palettes and themes are endless in the world of fleece fabric these days. And a bonus about this gift idea, the cozy blanky will stay with baby forever… maybe even to the dorm some day!

One of a kind nursery bunting is a great gift to start the room décor for the little darling, but the twist here is to make your own. This is a fun idea to have your guests do at the baby shower, or even after the baby has arrived, at the open house “Sip & See”. You provide the paper flags and have all your guests decorate them using scissors, a glue stick, ribbon and pages from a storybook or their own unique design.

The best gift of all is a party, especially the ever so trendy, “Sip & See”…. Once the little one arrives it seems like everyone wants to set a date on the calendar for a visit but, seriously, new mom’s are tired and the last thing they want to do is schlep the baby and a bag of stuff to your house, so, plan “Sip & See” party! The guests do the legwork, plan the food, drinks, invites, and, yes, they even clean the house… then it’s a special day to sip and see the newest member of the group!

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