Break Out your Best Halloween Pajamas for a Ghouls Night In!

Planning the perfect Halloween Pajama party for some spooky fun!

Calling all introverts! Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to break out your best Halloween pajamas for a Ghouls night in. From pumpkin carving to festive Halloween foods and dinnerware, these tips are sure to make your low-key Halloween party a success.


1-Spooky Charcuterie Boards

Get creative with your food options! Have each guest bring a spooky charcuterie board to share. For a savory board, use a pumpkin or ghost shaped cookie cutter to cut out pieces of cheese. Find a skeleton and fold pieces of salami and arrange the pieces of salami inside the stomach of the skeleton. You could also use a skeleton hand and arrange it to be grabbing for food off the plate. For a sweet charcuterie board, dip strawberries in white chocolate to create ghosts and use mini chocolate chips for eyes. The possibilities are endless, have fun and get creative!

2-Use some festive Halloween plates and drinkware

Make cleanup easy and buy some disposable Halloween themed paper plates, drinkware, and napkins. This affordable set of Ghost Plates is sure to dress up your Halloween party. Get crafty and make an easy-to-sew table topper that will pair perfectly with the disposable Halloween plates.

Break Out your Best Halloween Pajamas for a Ghouls Night In! JaneClauss.com

3-Get comfy!

One of the top perks of a night in is being comfortable! Break out your best Halloween pajamas for a Ghouls night in. Pick out a cozy pair of Halloween Pajamas to enjoy your party in comfort and style. Create a Halloween DIY fleece tie blanket. Craft stores have so many great options for fall themed fabrics to choose from to create the perfect blanket. You can also create some friendly competition with a costume contest. Follow these simple and easy DIY costume ideas for simple, inexpensive costume ideas that are guaranteed to be winners!

Break Out your Best Halloween Pajamas for a Ghouls Night In! JaneClauss.com

4-Have a pumpkin carving contest

What’s a Halloween party without a pumpkin carving contest? Switch things up and use a pineapple for a Jack-O-Lantern with a twist. Pick out a classic Halloween movie and have guests carve pumpkins while watching. When you’re finished, have guests pick out their favorite pumpkin, or pineapple!

From spooky themed Halloween treats, to cozy Halloween pajamas, be sure to use these tips and make your low-key Halloween party a haunted hit.

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