6 Camping Hacks for your Next Getaway!

Camping Scene

Try these 6 camping hacks for your next excursion.

It’s time to ditch the cell phone and get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, take in the beautiful scenery, find inner peace, and gaze at the stars! It’s the perfect time of the year for a true nature bath; and there is no better place to do it than on a well thought out camping trip.

Here are 6 easy hacks for to take along on your next camping trip. Even if you prefer glamping these 6 hacks are must haves for your getaway!

1 – Travel size condiment containers

Much like what you would use for your toiletries when travelling by plane, it’s time to reinvent these mini containers to use for your condiments. We get it, it’s easy to think you can throw any size bottle of whatever in your cooler and kitchen pack, but using the travel size container can save on space!  Be sure to use new containers instead of once used, or even washed-well containers, you wouldn’t want to contaminate your condiments with bath soap! Label the bottle with the condiment inside and pack as many as you can in your cooler.  So, go ahead, squeeze your favorite condiments into these mini toiletry containers and you’ll be good to go when dinner is ready.

2 – Roasted Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

The smell of fresh cinnamon rolls doesn’t just have to be for a home cooked brunch, bring make ahead cinnamon rolls with you and grill them over a campfire to enjoy with your morning cup of Joe.  This tasty treat is a great addition to your menu. Photo courtesy of adventuresofmel.com

  1. Place cinnamon rolls in a lightly greased pie tin. …
  2. Place over a campfire (preferably with a rack) or on a grill heated to 350˚F.
  3. Cook for 20-30 minutes rotating the pan 180 degrees halfway through or as needed. …
  4. Remove from campfire or grill and top with icing.

3 – Cupcake Liners for Soda Can Covers

Bugs just love sweet syrupy soda and sometimes they even dive bomb into your open pop can!  So, unless you like to sip on a refreshing drink with a side of bugs then here’s a hack you will want to use. Cover your soda can with a paper cupcake liner then simply punch a hole thru the cupcake liner and insert your straw… you get your drink, and the bugs don’t!  You can use this for any canned or bottled beverage. Enjoy!

4 – Foam Tiles for Cushioning

Foam tile for under sleeping bag

We know you love the idea of a cozy sleeping bag and becoming one with the earth on your camping trip, but ,we bet you also miss your cushy soft bed too?  Well, an easy way to enjoy them both is to add foam tiles on the tent floor under your sleeping bag. You can get them at any home hardware store, they’re inexpensive, and your back will thank you even after one night!  You will definitely want to reap the relaxing rewards of this simple hack.

5 – Keep your Cooler Colder

A quick way to keep your cooler items cold is to freeze your plastic water bottles and use them instead of ice. The benefits of doing this can keep your food drier since you won’t have melting ice, and you’re not wasting space with big packs of ice. Also, when the water in the bottle melts, you have drinking water.  Be sure to save the bottles to refill and refreeze.  And this tip is good to know, normal plastic water bottles and milk jugs won’t explode when they freeze because they are built to expand. Filler up and freeze!

6 – Water Bottle Glow Stick Game

Glow stick rings

And now time for some fun…. Create a ring toss game using empty water bottles, you were going to recycle them anyway, and some glow sticks.  Create your own water bottle Glow Stick Game Toss by simply filling the empty bottle using a nearby water source, stick a glow stick in each bottle, then turn the rest of the glow sticks into rings. Create various colors for the bottles and make a matching ring for each bottle.

The object is to toss the ring around the same color glowing bottle. You get a point for every ring toss you make, and if you toss a ring around a different color bottle you lose a point.  The person with the most points wins!

These 6 camping hacks offer up great ways to enjoy the outdoors and create a memorable getaway.

Camping family having fun

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