Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts and Inspiration

Valentine’s Day DIY projects to inspire and encourage you to create!

Valentine’s day is the ultimate “handmade holiday”…because it doesn’t take expensive gifts to show how much you care.  So with lots of love, Jane is gifting you these easy DIY ideas to create for the kids and adults in your life.

And if you don’t think you’re crafty enough to say “I love you” with the gift of handmade… I say, give your creative genius a wake-up call and make something for the ones you love.  Because there is no such thing as a mistake when it comes to creativity, you just take the project in a different direction and PIVOT…. We’ve all learned to “pivot” over the last few years!

Lollipop Centerpiece

Lollipop Centerpiece

This love filled day is all about cards and candy so add something sweet to the kid’s table starting with this lollipop centerpiece.. Plus it’s easy to make! You need a styrofoam half ball and a lot of lollipops.

Simply stick the lollipops into the foam…cover the entire surface, and you have a sweet treats centerpiece that the kids will love!

Hanging Hearts Chandelier

Hanging Hearts Chandelier

Add some décor to the day with this hanging hearts chandelier – you’ll need cardstock heart shaped cut outs in all sizes and twine. You will add the sentiments to the center of the hearts – just like the conversation candy hearts we all know and love – and then sandwich the hearts together over the twine using glue. Attach several to each strand and make multiple strands to hang from an existing light fixture over the table, or hang them from the ceiling in a hallway or over a door.

Paper Craft Placemat

Paper Craft Placemat

This is an activity for the kids to do on Valentine’s Day!  Make their own special placemats for the table.  Using colored paper, cardstock and poster board, cut out different sized hearts and layer them together using a glue stick.  Add names, add trim, add sparkles and other embellishments.  This is fun for the kids because they can learn to be creative, and also use what they made!

Accordion Envelope Card Folded Accordion Envelope Card Open

Accordion Envelope Card

I always say if you have to buy something, add something handmade to it. So if you’re giving gift cards this Valentine’s day, create an accordion envelope card and put the gift cards in the pockets!

To make it, just string the envelopes together by sticking the top flap to the backside of the next envelope.  You can put as many together as you can fill!  Then dress up this cute accordion card with stickers, ribbons, and love notes for a Valentine that’s full of surprises.

Mason Jar Rose Centerpiece Faux Roses and Supplies for a centerpiece

Mason Jar Floral Centerpiece

Add a beautiful centerpiece to your “table for two” with this Mason Jar Rose centerpiece. You’ll need a mason jar or recycled jar, paint and brush, a styrofoam ball, faux roses, and glue.  Paint the mason jar white, glue a medium sized styrofoam ball on top, cut the stems of the faux roses until they are about an inch and a half long, and stick the faux roses into the foam until the entire surface is covered.

It’s so pretty your love for this faux centerpiece will never die!

Button Heart Card Supplies Button Heart Card for a friend

Button Heart Card

Remember a friend this Valentine’s Day with this button heart card. It’s a simple idea that is perfect to show someone you’re thinking of them.  You need a blank card or cardstock to create a card, buttons and hot glue.  Just add a heart-shaped piece of cardstock to a blank card by sewing it or gluing it on, and then cover the heart shape with buttons.

Negligee Placemat for a table for two

Negligee Lover’s Placemat

Remember that sexy nighty you used to wear, well give it a new life and refashion it into a sweetheart’s placemat for your table for two. It’s easy with some scissors, a sewing machine or fabric glue.  Simply cut the nightgown into a rectangle shape large enough to use for a table setting,  sew it together and use the lace and fabric scraps as embellishments.  You can even add a iron-on transfer photo to finish the look of this red-hot romantic placemat!

Upcycled Cigar Box for Dirty Deeds gift

DIrty Deed Box for Valentine's Day

Dirty Deeds Box

Create a “dirty deeds” box and rev up your relationship!   With this clever gift, all you need to do is repurpose an old cigar box to create the container,  cut out heart shaped paper and on the hearts write 52 dirty deeds you want done over the next year!

It can be anything you wish for to get the deeds done! There are no limits to the ideas so let your imagination run wild!

Happy Valentines Day!

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