UpCrafted CD Snowman Ornament

UpCraft a CD to create this snowman ornament for your holiday decor.

Snowman Ornament made from an old CD

It’s always a special day when Frosty comes to life so put your magic hat on and make this festive ornament for your Christmas tree.  Plus, we’ve all got old CDs laying around so instead of them collecting dust, put your craftastic touch on them and get making.  It’s easy when you take old CDs, cardstock, felt, fabric and a little crafting inspiration!

If you’re ready… let’s get started!

Project Supplies


Old music CD
Holiday themed Cardstock
White & Black Felt
Petite Orange pom pom
Fabric scraps
Sparkly Pipe Cleaner
Trim or yarn
Ribbon or Twine
Hot Glue
Wire cutter


Tracing around CD on cardstock Cutting out circle pattern on card stock

Using your marker, trace around the CD on a “holiday themed” piece of cardstock.  Cut 2, one for the front and one for the back of the CD. Place the cardstock over the CD and trim the edges with scissors.

Trimming cardstock to fit the CD close to the edge

Hot glue the first piece of cardstock on the CD.

Next, cut 2 inches of ribbon or twine and place it in a loop on the side of the CD that is not covered with cardstock. Hot glue it in place.  This will be used as the hanger for your ornament.

Creating a loop from gold string

Now, glue the second piece of cardstock over the ribbon and on the uncovered side of the CD.

applying hot glue to the backside of the CD

Adding cardstock circle to the CD and trimming the edges

Next, create 3 circles from the white felt. You can cut them freehand or trace around 3 small round items like a shot glass or a quarter.

Cutting out felt circles

Lay them on the front of the covered CD, overlapping the circles and glue them in place.

glue circles to the top of the covered CD Glue three circles for the snowman to the top of the cardstock covered CD

With a dab of hot glue, stick the petite orange pom pom for the nose. You can also use orange felt or another embellishment.

To create the eyes made out of coal and the top hat, simple cut two pieces from the black felt for the eyes.

Cut out black felt for the eyes and glue eyes and pom pom nose to the snowman

For the top hat, cute a square from the black felt, clip the sides in on both sides and then clip down from the top to create the brim of the hat.

Trimming felt for the top hat Trim a square piece of felt for the top hat

With your wire cutters cut 2 one inch pieces of pipe cleaner and stick them under the second circle of the snowman and glue in place.

cut two pieces of pipe cleaner for the arms Glue the pipe cleaner arms to the snowman Snowman needs a scarf

Our snowman needs a scarf so cut a long narrow piece from your fabric scrap. Fold it in half and glue it together then fold it in half again so the tails are hanging and it resembles a scarf. Glue the neck piece of the scarf on the snowman.

Cut a strip from the fabric scrap fold the fabric in half and glue the two sides together FInished snowman design

To finish, edge the decorated snowman CD with trim or yarn. Using hot glue or all purpose crafting glue, cover the edge of the CD with the trim or yarn gluing section by section as you go around the CD.

Add trim around the edges of the snowman Apply glue to the edges of the CD ornament Lay the trim on the glue and press in place

You can add another snowman on the backside OR you can add stickers or other embellishments; we added stars!

Add any extra embellishments to the back of the ornament

And there you have it, a great way to repurpose old CDs and create fun and festive ornaments for your holiday decor.

FInished repurposed CD snowman ornament

Snowman decor is the hottest trend this holiday season and there are so many ways to incorporate a snowman into your decorating. For more inspiration take a look at what my friends are doing with their snowman decor!

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cute snowman project ideas

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