St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor Project

Make your own St. Patrick’s Day Table Topper & celebrate the luck of the Irish.

Everyone is Irish this time of year so with a little inspiration you can create festive décor to celebrate your lucky charms! And it all starts with this St Patrick’s Day table topper…looks like the Luck of the Irish is on your side!  This project is excellent home decor for the season and they make great hostess gifts for the Irish friend in your life.

This is an easy to make sewing project for the beginner sewist!

As a Brother Sews Ambassador I design and create so many different types of sewing projects and I get to work with the BEST sewing and embroidery machines on the market.  There are endless opportunities for creativity when you use a Brother sewing, embroidery, or cutting machine!  My favorite is to refashion old clothing into a new style…giving it a new life.  Like taking a plain tee-shirt and giving it a new life with an elevated design for today’s trending style.

Brother Sews Ambassador


Sewing Supplies for table topper

  • One yard or more of St Patrick’s Day themed fabric
  • A large bowl or platter with a 16-inch (or more) diameter to use as a pattern (or you can draw out a circle on pattern paper)
  • Eyelet trim
  • Brother sewing machine
  • Fabric chalk or marking utensil
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins

Making it:

Fabric Right sides together to cut

With right sides of the fabric together, trace a circle on the fabric around the edge of a large serving bowl or platter to use as your circle pattern. I find this the easiest way to get the perfect circle. Plus, it’s a solid edge to use as you trace around the pattern.

Large round serving bowl as pattern

Tracing the bowl with a chalk pencil

On one layer of fabric pin the trim around the edge facing inwards and onto the right side of the fabric. Be sure to overlap the edges of the trim.

Sew it in place.

Pinning on trim

Lay the second circle, with the right side down, on top of the circle with the trim and pin them together.  Sew around the edge leaving a 3-4 inch opening.

Two circles with right sides together


Sewing the circle leaving a 3 inch opening

Turn the finished circle right side out thru the opening.

Turn-in the raw edges of the opening and press flat. turn right side out and press

Top-stitch for a clean, professional look.  Make several of these for your St Patrick’s Day celebration! They are also great to give as a hostess gift.

Top stitch

Final Irish Table Topper

Fabric Table Toppers

These easy to make table toppers are a great way to add a theme decoration to any room.
Active Time1 hour
Course: Beginner project
Yield: 1 table topper


  • Brother Sewing Machine
  • large round serving bowl or platter 16" diameter or more
  • fabric chalk
  • fabric scissors
  • Straight pins 


  • 2 yards irish themed and coordinating fabrics any color
  • 1.5 yards eyelet trim any color


Making it

  • With right sides of the fabric together, trace a circle on the fabric around the edge of the large bowl or by using your circle pattern
  • On one layer of fabric pin the trim around the edge facing inwards onto the right side of the fabric and sew it in place.
  • Lay the second circle with the right side down on top of the circle with the trim, pin it all together, and sew around the edge leaving a 3-4 inch opening
  • Turn the finished circle right side out.
  • Turn-in the raw edges of the opening and press.  
  • Top-stitch for a clean and professional look.

Irish Theme Table Topper

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