Patriotic DIY Ideas for your Life and Party

Be the host with the most American pride when you add these easy Patriotic DIY ideas to your party.

Show your true American spirit with this upcycled tablecloth, refashioned denim placemats, easy sew napkins, mason jar lanterns, and simple food decorations.  Your DIY USA inspiration starts right now!

To make these simple projects you need a few things that you probably already have laying around the house; so go on a scavenger hunt to find old bandannas, worn out jeans, mason jars, tissue paper, and paper scraps and create the ultimate Patriotic table.  Grab some fabric glue or a sewing machine, scissors, and a tape runner and let’s start crafting!

Patriotic Table Setting


  • Tape Runner
  • Fabric scissors and paper scissors
  • Fabric Glue or Sewing Machine
  • Red, White & Blue bandannas
  • Denim Jeans
  • Red, White & Blue Card Stock
  • Red, White & Blue Tissue paper
  • Patriotic themed fabric

Bandanna Tablecloth


For the tablecloth, use 16 bandannas (4) navy, (4) white and (4) red and sew the like colors together in a row and then sew all 3 rows of fabric together to create a full table cloth; which will also make a fantastic picnic throw!  If you don’t have bandannas laying around the house, or left over from Halloween, you can get them super cheap at the drugstore. IF you don’t sew you can use Liquid Stitch along the edges and glue the pieces together. Liquid Stitch is just that, a glue that bonds fabric together and it even withstands the washing machine!

Red White and Blue bandannas

You can also modify this idea if you don’t sew or don’t have much time but making a table runner. Simply lay the individual bandannas down the center of the table overlapping just the edges… no sew, no glue, no nothing and super DIY sensible!

Bandanna Table runner


For the denim placemats, grab your fabric scissors and just cut the backside of the jeans off… and your done! Be sure to save your scraps to make a woven denim placemats, a makeup bags, purse, wine sleeve, quilting project or anything you can imagine! Denim is such a great fabric to upcraft!

Cutting Denim Jeans

Straightening the bottom of Denim Jeans

These denim placemats are clever because the the pockets can be used to put the utensils in and as napkin holders!  Easy, no sewing required, and once you wash them them edges will get that cool frayed look!

Denim Jean placemat


For the napkins, I found some fabric scraps in my sewing room and cut 20″ x 20″ squares of patriotic fabric. I used some white fabric for reverse sides of the napkins and cut the same 20″ x 20″ square.  Lay the right sides together and sew around the outside of the square leaving a 3 inch opening. Turn the napkin right side out, turn the opening in, press, and top stitched al the way around.  These add such a patriotic statement to your tablescape!

Patriotic Napkins


Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason Jar Flag Lanterns

For the tea light lanterns, line the inside of a mason jar with red, white and blue tissue paper.  TOP TIP:  tack the top edges of the tissue paper together with double sided tape so they hold the shape while lining the jar.  Drop in a battery operated tea light candle and you are ready to set the mood lighting for your tablescape.

Tape Runner on tissue paper

Tissue paper flag

Mason jars with tissue paper and tea light

If you use large mason jars, add flags and use them as patriotic decoration to your front porch or back patio.

Food Wrapper

Hot dogs in a food wrapper

Nothing says summer celebrations more than a grilled hotdog! So serve up your dogs with this DIY USA decor. To make these hot dog wraps, cut 9″ x 3″ strips of red and white striped paper. Cut out simple, perfect blue stars with your digital cutting machine and tape them to the center of the paper strips.

Whether you like mustard, ketchup, relish the perfect condiment for your dog is to start with the perfect patriotic food wrap.

Patriotic Table Red White and Blue

Americana Table Setting

And there you have it a table full of patriotic DIY because it’s all about the presentation! Happy Memorial Day!! Happy Creating!!


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