One Theme Two Tablescapes!

Create two tablescapes with one theme and make holiday decorating easy.

Tablescaping these days could be a sport with the skills, talent, time and inspiration needed to create jaw dropping displays. But don’t fear the challenge, embrace it when you incorporate one theme and turn it into two holiday tablescapes.

Cranberries are a staple for both Thanksgiving and Christmas that can take your table from one holiday to the next with ease. So with a little inspiration and some imagination, these decorations will be extra special to add to your table by adding some rock and roll.

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Brown tablecloth
Faux leaves, pinecones, and cranberries
Cranberry colored candles
Metals, chains, leather, and lace
Brown napkins
Red tablecloth and table runner 
Long piece of garland
Red or green napkins and red ribbon

First, lay out and use your tablecloth as a foundation for the tablescape.

First, add your table cloth and lay the foundation for your tablescape. Jane uses a neutral brown colored table cloth for this centerpiece.

tablescapes, JaneClauss.com

Next, arrange the centerpieces along the table.

Arrange the centerpiece by laying leaves, pinecones, and faux cranberry bunches together. Depending on the length of the table, you can have two different arrangements in different areas.

tablescapes, JaneClauss.com

Then, add candles to the tablescape.

Candles will help elevate the look. Add a large cranberry colored candle inside a large vase and then add smaller candles around the centerpieces to add extra ambiance.

tablescapes, JaneClauss.com

Add a bit of rock and roll to elevate the look.

For the finishing touch, add a little bit of rock and roll to your tablescape and add in some metals, chains, leather, and lace. Add it everywhere to really make your tablescape stand out.

Finally, wrap your utensils by using matching napkins.

Lastly, add your utensils and wrap them in matching napkins. Use fall colors for the napkins like yellow, brown, or orange, and tie them up in twine.

This will finish off your Thanksgiving tablescape! It’s time to make the super simple transition into Christmas because we will be using the same elements in a slightly different way.

tablescapes, JaneClauss.com

Transition to Christmas and switch out tablecloths for a Christmas tablescape.

First, use a different table cloth to create a different foundation. Use a red tablecloth and a festive table runner. You can use any Christmas color or fabric, just find something fun and festive!

Next, lay out your centerpiece.

Go big or go home with your centerpiece! You can use a long piece of garland that has pine cones already in it. Add in your faux cranberry bunches.

Then, add in a variety of candles into the tablescape.

Nestle the large, cranberry colored candles into the centerpiece and arrange the smaller ones throughout it.

Include the rock and roll element to create and edgier, festive addition.

Add the metal, lace, leather, and chain pieces back into the centerpiece to make it stand out on your table.

Finally, swap out the napkins to red or green and wrap your utensils.

Use red or green napkins instead of fall colors and tie them with ribbons to create a festive, Christmas theme.

Add in a fun cranberry cocktail and you’ll have completed the festive tablescape of your holiday dreams this season! This is a super easy way to use the same elements from your Thanksgiving tablescape to create a beautiful Christmas arrangement this holiday season.

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