Olympic Sized DIY Decor

Try these ideas to create Olympic sized decor for your Opening Ceremony Event!

Let the games begin!  The 2022 Winter Olympics has the entire nation united, the whole world cheering, thousands of athletes pursuing a dream and you hosting the OFFICIAL PARTY OF THE 2022 Beijing Winter Games.  So whether you’re enjoying the Olympics opening ceremony extravaganza, watching the Alpine, skiing and snowboarding events, bobsled teams, Luge, or you love the figure skating competitions, be the star athlete with these creative DIY ideas for an Olympic sized party!

Olympic Table Decor

Opening Ceremony Party Tickets

Everyone on the block is waiting for an invitation so create a custom ticket to the event. Create a custom invitation in the form of a ticket and invite everyone to your “Olympic Village” where there will be food, fun, and games.  All you need is white card stock, a bright colored marker, or a color printer, paper cutter and adhesive.  Decide what you want your tickets to say and print several on heavy cardstock to use as your invitation.  If you need an example, print this Beijing Printable Tickets template out and use it for your party!

Olympic Ceremony Printable Event Ticket

Name That Flag Game

Make the Olympics a learning experience too and create an Olympic sized game board.

Name that Flag Logo

In Name that Flag, each kid takes a turn hanging the proper flag below it’s nation. The nation names are on velcro so you can switch their location on the board between players. Who ever gets the most correct wins GOLD! Second most correct answers wins SILVER and third most wins BRONZE! I used a 60”x 40” foam core board, stuck 12 hooks on the board in 3 rows of 4, mounted decor flags to card stock and punched a hole in the center. The kids, and adults, can learn more about the world with this educational game!

Name that Flag Board Game

Make your own Olympic Rings

Add a splash of Olympic color to your party with an Olympic Rings wall hanging. You know the rings as a symbol of the Olympics but did you know, each ring represents the five inhabited continents of the world while the colors; blue, yellow, black, green and red represent the national flags of the world. It’s easy to create a signature piece with foam wreaths and colored streamers or ribbons.

Olympic Rings Styrofoam Supplies
Styrofoam Olympic Rings Wall Hangings

Simply wrap each wreath with the same color streamer. Glue them together and add hooks to the back.

Wrapping Blue Ribbon around Styrofoam wreath
Wrapping Black Ribbon around Styrofoam wreath
Wrapping Red Ribbon around Styrofoam wreath

Tabletop Torches

Fire up your buffet with these tabletop torches! After a trek from Greece and all around Brazil in the hands of over 12,000 runners, the Games finally start with the lighting of the torch. You can add a little faux fire to your table with this easy DIY torches. All you need is an old flower vase or candle sticks and tissue paper. I used a plastic flower vase and painted it gold then added my yellow and orange tissue paper to make it look like the Olympic Stadium.

Tissue Torch
Tissue Torches on Table

Sweet Treat Popcorn Torches

Give your fans something to cheer about with these sweet treat popcorn torches!

On the stove top melt 1/4 cup butter, 2 1/2 cups confectioners sugar, 2 Tsp cold water, 1 cup marshmallows until it all melts and boils. Then pour into (2) bags of cheese popcorn and mix well with a spatula. Once it’s cool enough handle, coat your hands with vegetable oil to prevent sticking, and mold the sticky popcorn into a “flame” shape with your hands. Lay it on plastic wrap to cool. You can place it into the ice cream cones after it’s cool and wrap in plastic wrap to stay fresh for a few days!

Sweet Treat cheesy Popcorn Torches

Going for the Gold DIY Dough Medals

Since no games are complete without a presentation of the medals, you can make sure everyone’s a winner and award DIY Bronze, Silver and Gold medals to all your guests!

To make the medals we took a page out of our Christmas crafts and made salt dough ornaments to hang as Olympic medals.

You will need 4 cups of all purpose flour, 1 cup of salt and 1.5 cups of warm water. First mix the flour and salt together well. Gradually add in the warm water. I like to use a mix master to do the hard work.

Once it’s mixed well then knead the dough until it soft and smooth. Using a rolling pin on a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out until it’s about 1/4” thick.

Rolling out salt-flour dough

Cut a circle with the top of a glass if you don’t have a cookie cutter and use a regular sized straw to to make a hole in the top to lace the ribbon through. Add in any decorations you want on your medals; I used a small circle to create Olympic rings. Bake in a 300 degree oven for about an hour.

Cookie cutting circles out of the dough for medals
Adding Olympic Rings to the soft dough

Use acrylic paint to color the medals gold, silver and bronze. Once they are dry, cover them with a coat of mod podge gloss sealer and finishing spray. Let them sit for several hours to dry and add a ribbon to the ornament so your guests can hang their shiny medal around their neck.

After baking the dough you paint it gold silver or bronze

Now, everyone can all say they are an Olympic champion.

Wearing a silver dough medal

Wearing gold, silver and bronze dough medals

The motto at the Games in Beijing is “Together for a Shared Future“ so get together with family and friends and start creating your gold medal decor today!

Let’s go USA.

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