Man Cave: Giant Bean Bag Chair

You can make a beanbag chair using any fabric, I used cream denim and natural sherpa fur. The inside lining was made from a cotton muslin, and it is filled with a mix of Fairfield’s Polyfil biggie beanbag filler and Fairfield’s Classic Beanbag filler in the new pour spout.

MAN CAVE_Jane Hold Biggie Bean Bag

2018-01-04 18.01.48

You can make your beanbag as large or small as you desire. It’s basically learning how to find the circumference of a circle and sewing two circles on to a straight piece of fabric.

2018-01-04 20.31.09

I made a muslin inner shell to hold the polyfil biggie beanbag filler using 4.7 yards (or 170″) x 34″ wide plain white cotton fabric for the inside shell and then made the outer shell with the ivory sherpa and cream denim. I used 4.7 yards (or 170″) of cream denim cut to 34″ wide. The sherpa was a 60″ piece of material. You’ll need two circles that perfectly fit the length of the denim. To do that, you must find the circumference.

Remember your teacher saying, math would always come in handy! Use the diameter of the circle and multiple it by 3.14 to get the circumference. The circumference becomes the length of the denim; in this case it was 170″. Now to cut 2 perfect circles, fold the fabric in half, using the radius of the circle, draw a half circle from the middle point fold. I did one circle at a time since the sherpa was thick.

2018-01-05 22.23.02

Next, pin the circles to the long edges of the fabric and sew closed. One of the ends you will leave a 48″ opening to sew in a zipper. I like to use zippers by the yard because you can pick the length you need.

Once the inside and outside shells are complete, fill the inner shell with 6-7 bags of Fairfield Polyfil Biggie Bean Bag filler and sew it closed.

2018-01-04 19.46.55
2018-01-04 18.45.22

Then stuff the inner bag inside the outer shell and zip it up.

2018-01-05 22.22.35

And because I wanted this room to have awe-inspiring team spirit I added varisty letters all over, to do just that. If you are ambitious you can sew the varsity letters on; or you can glue them on using Fabric-tac which is wonderful.

MAN CAVE _Varsity letters

2018-01-15 12.12.15
2018-01-15 12.11.01

Soon enough you’ll be proud of your accomplishments, kicking back to watch the big game! Let’s go team fairfield!
MAN CAVE _Jane in Bag

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