Make this Sit-Upon for your next camping trip!

Grab a seat with this easy to make Sit-Upon craft for your next camping trip!

Sit Upon Craft on the lawn - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

A Sit-Upon is something I remember making as a Girl Scout to use during camp.  Back then, we used newspaper and plastic tablecloths, but today, with so many innovations in craft supplies the ideas are endless.  One thought is to use colored duct tape to create the exterior and then stuff the inside with plastic bags (a great way to recycle those because we all have so many!) or, you can buy a plastic tablecloth and sew a square pocket to stuff with filler for your Sit-Upon.  When challenged with an idea for “camping crafts” (Admittedly I haven’t camped much since my girl scout days), my mind immediately went to the craft I loved to make, plus its practical.

Today, I have an easy no-sew project to create a colorful Sit-Upon that can be done in no time. Perfect for busy moms, teachers, scout leaders, plus it’s easy enough that even young adults can make their own.  The cushioned sit-upon is comfortable, clean, lightweight, and perfect to have on hand at a picnic, campground or outdoor event.

Let’s make it!

Sit Upon Supplies - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com


Vinyl fabric or Oil Cloth
Fairfield Cushion Foam
Kai Crafting Scissors
Hole Punch
Twine or Cording

Twine Cording and rope - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com


First, you will need two pieces of vinyl fabric. It’s great idea to use two different patterns or colors of fabric for each side of the cushion.

various oil cloth patterns and colors - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

To ensure the size is correct, trace around the foam cushion on the vinyl fabric and cut out two pieces.

Trace around cushion - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

Next, layer the two pieces of fabric on top of one another and using your hole punch, punch a holes thru both pieces – about an inch apart – all the way around the circle.

Punch holes in fabric - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

With the right sides of the fabric facing out, start by threading the cording thru the first hole and then around the next five holes. Open the top piece and place the cushion inside the two pieces and continue to lace the cording thru the holes all the way around the circle.

Start threading the cord - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

Insert the foam cushion - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

Be sure to tight and secure the cording as you go.

continue to thread the cording - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

tighten cording as you go - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

Once you reach the last hole, tie the cording in a double knot.

tie a knot in the end - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

Cut the length of cording you need for a handle and tie the ends of the cording together.  You can leave 6″-10″ so it is easy to carry or hang on a backpack.  Or you can choose to leave the rope long and create a cross-body strap for easy carry as well.

tie a knot at the handle - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

create a short handle for carrying - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

short handle - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

long crossbody strap - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

And there you have it, an easy to make, soft cushioned Sit-Upon perfect for your next camping adventure, picnic, beach party,  or outdoor event.  Think about the patterns and prints to use for specific events; try patriotic print for a fireworks celebration or checkerboard print for picnics.

Sit Upons on the grass - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

Various Sit Upons - Be a Happy Camper - JaneClauss.com

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Jane Clauss shows you the no sew trick to creating your own sit-upon. Learn more about why everyone wants to play with Jane!

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