Living Healthy: Cardio Exercises that Avoid Running

Cardio is a great way to keep your body in shape, and it doesn’t always have to be running.
Cardio is a great way to keep your heart, muscles, and lungs in shape. Jane Clauss talks to Sean Armstead, a trainer with Phenomenal Fitness, about 5 cardio exercises that are good alternatives to running. It is important to exercise your heart and lungs so they don’t get diminished quicker. Armstead recommends these five low impact, cardio exercises that avoid running. 
Cardio Exercises that Avoid Running
1. Sled Pulling-
This cardio exercise is great for the heart and lungs. A sled pull uses a sled that you can put weights on and has a rope attached to it for you to pull with your body. This can be a great way to tone the legs and butt as well as keeping your heart and lungs in great shape.
Sean Armstead-Jane Clauss-Rowing Machine-Cardio Alternatives-
2. Rowing Machine-
Rowing provides a great alternative to running because it gets rid of the impact and challenges of beating the pavement while running. It works the upper and lower body. It is important to have good posture while using it, so don’t lean back too much and make sure to open your chest and keep your core tight.
Cardio Exercises that Avoid Running
3. Air Dyne-
When used correctly, the Air Dyne can be a great workout. You should make sure that your core is engaged and you have a good grip on the handles. The pushing and pulling can provide extra impact without the compressive forces and ground beating that running does.
Jump Ropes-Cardio
4. Jumping Rope-
This is a fun and challenging method of working out. To increase the challenge, you can use a weighted jump rope in place of a regular one. Jumping rope impacts many joins including the foot, knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow and is a great workout for the heart and lungs. Again, it is important to maintain good posture throughout your core while jumping rope.
Sean Armstead-Jane Clauss- Skipping- Cardio Alternatives-
5. Skipping
Another fun method of cardio is skipping. It provides a great, low-impact workout as you propel yourself from the ground. Most importantly, fun exercises like skipping can bring about smiles.
Cardio doesn’t have to just be running, and can be made fun! Add these cardio exercises that avoid running into your next workout.
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