Living Healthy: 3 Indoor Cardio Exercises for your Next Workout

3 Indoor Cardio Exercises for When the Weather Gets Cold

Incorporating cardio into our exercise routines during the winter months doesn’t have to be challenging. There are more options for cardio exercise than running outside. Jane Clauss talks to Austin Head about three indoor cardio exercises that can be done inside during the winter months to help keep cardio in your workout.

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Cardio is important to stay in your exercise routine because it helps burn calories, lose weight, sleep better at night, and overall helps us feel better. Cardio is also great because it helps strengthen the heart and lungs and helps improve cardiovascular health. When people think of cardio they usually think about running, but getting creative can help stay motivated and keeps cardio fun. Exercises like climbing stairs and bodyweight exercises have the same great effects as running and can be done indoors during the cold winter months.

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Austin Head talks us through three great and simple exercises to do indoors throughout the colder months, and all you need is a pillow.

1-Floor to Sky

It’s super simple and exactly how it sounds. Take your pillow and reach down to the floor, and then reach up to the sky. To make it more challenging, add a hop in there as you are reaching to the sky. This exercise will definitely increase heart rate and is great cardio.

2-Rainbow Slam

This exercise is also super creative, fun, and simple. Make a rainbow and throw the pillow down on each side. Make sure to keep your core tight and engaged throughout and also make sure to not round the back coming down. This exercise definitely gets the endorphins pumping.

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3-Russian Twist Slam

This exercise is done by laying down on the ground. Bring your feet up so they are in the air and grab the pillow. Bring the pillow to each side of your body by twisting to either side and slam it down on each side of your body as hard as you can. If having your feet elevated is too much, you can drop them as long as your heart rate stays high.  Cardio is important to incorporate into workouts no matter what the weather is. These indoor cardio exercises are great to add into your workout for the cooler months to keep cardio fun, creative, and part of your routine.

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