Living Healthy: 3 Exercises for Improving Posture

3 Exercises for Good Posture

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Posture is important because it impacts the spine, structural integrity, and alignment of our bodies. It is important to maintain good posture in order to have good health. Jane Clauss talks to Maria Armstead from Phenomenal Fitness about three great exercises for improving posture to add into your next workout.

Not only does poor posture not look good, it decreases oxygen to the organs, decreases flexibility, leads to poor digestion, back and neck pain, and causes changes in mood. Poor posture can also cause poor circulation because your lungs cannot expand fully. There is a greater risk for injury because muscles and joints are not in alignment.

Research shows that at least twenty minutes of posture exercises three times per week helps people experience less neck, shoulder, and back pain and decreases the risk for injury. Add these three exercises into your next workout to help have better posture.

Maria Armstead, tips for posture,

1-Chest Opener

This exercise helps improve posture by strengthening and stretching the chest muscles. It is important to start slowly and gradually with exercises like this in order to avoid muscle strains. Chest openers can help to reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain and can also improve breathing.

2-Band Row

A band row is done by using a resistance band and targets the back and chest muscles. Start by keeping your shoulders stacked over your hips and have your ribcage pulled toward your spine. When you exhale, keep your elbows close and pull the resistance band back towards the ribcage, and then slowly release the band. It is important to keep your back straight and core engaged.

3-Band Wide Pull

A band wide pull is great for targeting and strengthening the posterior shoulder. This exercise uses a resistance band and has one end wrapped around a fixed object and the other end is held in the hands. Have your feet hip width apart and then sit into a strong stance through the legs. Your arms should be parallel to the floor with a little tautness to the band to start. Pull the band and bring it close to the sternum. Once again, it is important to keep your back and core engaged.

Exercise is important to living a healthy life and improves how we feel, perform, and look while helping slow aging. These exercises can help with improving posture and bodily strength in order to live a healthier life.

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