How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace

Update your summer beach wardrobe with this simple-to-make necklace using shells from the ocean!

DIY Shell necklaces - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Spending time at the ocean can be a great way to relax and de-stress. The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt air, and the feeling of the sand between your toes can all help to calm your mind and body.  Which means, sandy beach getaways are a definite on the calendar as the warmer days are here!  Not to mention the awe and inspiration you get from a day at the beach.

Crafting with shells is a great way to incorporate it’s beauty into your creations. There are many different types of shells that can be used for crafting, and the creative ideas are endless. You can use shells to make jewelry, ornaments, decorations, and more.  So why not remember your ocean beach visit with a special DIY project and friendship craft.

Cute swimwear with hats - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com Models in Walmart Swimwear - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

This shell necklace is easy to make, one-of-a-kind, and a great accessory to any beachy outfit. We got our swimsuit, bikini, coverups, hats, and more from Walmart!  We paired the super cute (and affordable)  styles from Walmart with our DIY Ocean Shell necklaces and did our own fashion photo shoot on the beaches of Georgetown, Maine.  You can look as beautiful as ever in your fashion-forward swimwear and DIY ocean shell necklace too!

So if you’re ready, let’s make it!!

Supplies include shells drill gemstones and glue - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

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Dosinia seashells
Power drill with diamond bit
Faux gemstone or broken piece of costume jewelry
E6000 Adhesive
Leather cording or chain used for jewelry making


To get started, you will need to collect some shells and be sure to clean them first to remove any sand or salt. You can do this by rinsing them with fresh water and scrubbing them with a toothbrush.

Rinse shells under water to clean - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Next, drill a hole on the bottom part of the shell, you will need a power drill with a special diamond bit to do this. This can take some pressure, so be sure to have adult supervision or ask somebody who is comfortable using a drill to help you.

Drill shell - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Note, if there’s not a natural whole already in the base of the shell you are all set and can use that to attached the cording. Drill a hole through the base of the shell.

Use protective gloves on a covered table to drill - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Drilling a hole with protective gloves - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Wipe off the dust from drilling thru the shells to make sure they are clean of debris.

Clean off dust from drilling the shell - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Multiple shells with drilled holes - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Now, select a broken piece of jewelry or a gemstone that fits nicely inside the center of the shell.

Gemstones fitted into shells - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Using your E6000 Adhesive, glue the gem or jewelry in place. Allow time for the adhesive to dry, 12 to 24 hours will allow it to cure.

Glue inside of shell - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Using a slipknot add a piece of leather twine to the hole or thru the natural opening at the base of the shell. Alternatively, use a jump ring and add the chain.

Cut leather cording - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Tie off the ends of the string or cord. You can use a knot or add a clasp if you are using a chain.

Make several of these DIY shell necklaces for your own accessory wall, or this friendship craft with your besties in mind and give the gift of handmade.

Pink Sundress with DIY Shell necklaces - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

And there you have it with a little imagination and some inspiration you can remember your ocean dreams, and a sense of adventure you found when you’re staying on course and creating!

Pair your DIY shell necklace with the latest swimwear from Walmart.

Models wearing walmart clothing at the beach - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Sun hat, bikini and coverup from Walmart - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Pair this cute piece of jewelry with the latest summer wear from Walmart! Whether you are going to a tropical location or coastal front, you can find the perfect outfit for your summer getaway. 

Sundress from Walmart - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Various Ocean Shell necklaces - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Leopard swimsuit and cover up from Walmart - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

On the beach in Walmart swimwear - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Walmart flowy pants, swimsuit and sun hat on the beach - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

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With a little creativity, you can make a beautiful shell necklace that will remind you of your time at the beach. Check out how my friends are celebrating the Ocean with their crafting projects. Team Creative Crafts - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

Collage of Ocean craft ideas - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

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Collage of Ocean Craft ideas - How to make an Ocean Shell Necklace - janeclauss.com

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Found Ocean Shell Necklace

With beautiful shells from the Ocean you can create a stunning necklace.
Course: Beginner project
Keyword: craft project, DIY Craft, DIY jewelry, DIY project, gift idea, Ocean themed project, seashell craft, shell craft
Yield: 1 necklace


  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 Pair of jewelry pliers
  • 1 Power Drill with diamond bit


  • 8-10 Ocean Shells - Cockle Shells, Clam Shells
  • Faux Gemstone or broken pieces of costume jewelry
  • 1 Leather Cording or necklace chains
  • E6000 Adhesive


  • Clean the Shells with soap and water
  • Drill holes in the top of the shell using a drill and diamond bit. Wipe the shells clean from dust.
  • Find the perfect gemstone or piece of broken costume jewelry to fit the inside of the shell. If necessary, use your jewelry pliers to break off the backings of costume jewelry.
  • Using your E6000 add glue to the center of the shell.
  • Place the embellishment on top of the glue inside the shell and let it dry for 12-24 hours.
  • Cut a piece of leather cording and tie it thru the hole in the shell. Or add a jump hoop thru the hole and use jewelry chain for the necklace.


Top Tip: Drill holes in several shells so you can make multiple necklaces for your own accessory wall, or, to give as gifts! 



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