Graduation Party Picture Perfect Centerpieces

Create Picture Perfect Centerpieces for your Grad

We all know students like to take lots of photos these days so print some special pics and create personalized centerpieces for all the tables. You can add photos, the graduation year, lollipops and school colors for a festive look.  This grad is hosting a Luau themed celebration so I added tons of bright, blooming, faux flowers! They are easy to make and make a big impact, so let’s make ’em!

Photo floral centerpiece


  • small terra cotta planter
  • small styrofoam ball
  • various color faux flowers
  • lollipops
  • hot glue
  • double sided tape or a tape runner
  • wood craft sticks
  • cardstock
  • printed photos

Start by gluing the styrofoam ball to the top of the terra cotta planter. You can also paint the pot to match your decor.   TOP TIP: when it comes to gluing the ball on to the pot, use a pencil to draw a circle around the rim of the pot on to the styrofoam because the styrofoam is soft the pencil will create a groove where the rim of the pot will sit. You can put some hot glue into the groove to secure the pot and ball.  This is the same concept used in the Mason Jar Centerpiece project.

Set it aside and grab the printed photos.

Cut the photos to fit the cardstock… I like to put a photo on the front and the back side…. and set them aside while you make the photo backing.

To do that, glue the wood craft stick on the wrong side of the cardstock then sandwich the stick by gluing another piece of cardstock on top, making sure the wrong sides are together.

Now, using your tape runner attach the photos to both sides of the cardstock photo sign.

Add photos to the styrofoam

Now for the fun part!  Stick the photo card signs into the top of the styrofoam ball. You can add 2 or 3 to each arrangement.  Next cut the faux flowers so the stem is about 3 inches long and insert them all over the styrofoam ball.

Insert flower stem into styrofoam

Insert flower stem into styrofoam again

Insert flower stem into styrofoam ball

Mix and match the colors and sizes of the flowers when you add them to the centerpieces. Once the entire styrofoam ball is covered, fill in any gaps with lollipops or more flowers.

Insert flower stems and lollipops into styrofoam

add lollipops to any open spaces on the stryofoam

fill in any gaps

Add in any more embellishments you want like the year or name. You can cut these out using a paper cutter and gle toothpicks to the back to insert into the styrofoam.  If flowers are not your thing, use a mix of lollipops, blowpops and suckers to fill the styrofoam.

There you have it, a festive and fun centerpiece for your special grad.

This photo centerpiece is so easy to make you can create one for every table at the party! You can even leta few lucky guests take them home.

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