DIY Up-Cycled T-shirt Aprons

As most of you know I LOVE to take the old and make it new again…re-purpose, re-fashion, re-use! Today we’re talking t-shirts. Do you reeeeeally need another one?? I didn’t think so. So let’s spring clean the closet and turn those t-shirts into something useful!

Summer is on they way which means cook outs and of course you’ll need the proper equipment…char-broil classic 4 burner outdoor grill, premium BBQ grilling tool set, and your very own grill master protection wear a.k.a. an apron! Here’s quick and easy DIY by Jane idea to make your own apron and have their mouths watering for more!


You’ll need a 3 t-shirts. I like to pick a theme; i.e. places you lived, favorite team, slogans, rock tees or whatever you have in the closet. Sewing machine and if you haven’t mastered the sewing machine yet never fear, grab some NO SEW glue and get to it!

First you’ll have to cut the back and sleeves off the t-shirt so you only have the front logo showing.

Next, cut the fronts of the shirts into squares or rectangles depending on the design – wide enough to fit the front of your body – and lay them in a row top to bottom. Once you decide you like the placement, glue or sew the bottom of the top shirt to the top of the second shirt and then glue the bottom of the second shirt to the top of the bottom shirt.

DIY_Front Mens Apron

From the t-shirt scraps or alternate material, cut strips to use as a tie around the neck and ties for the back. Sew or glue those into place; two on the neckline and one on each side. If you are a real pro on the sewing machine cut an alternate piece of fabric to use as a lining on the back side of the t-shirts.

DIY_Doubled Sided Apron

There you have it, a quick and easy way to unclutter your closets and showcase how fashionably fabulous you are on the grill!


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