Blooming Canvas Art

Make your walls come alive with this blooming canvas art!

Like the fresh new beginnings of spring, creativity is a great way to improve your overall wellness.  This simple canvas art wall hanging is a super creative project and keeps your mind flowing as you make your own flower garden.  With a little yarm , some bright colored paint, a few fabric scraps and stray buttons will have your walls budding with a springtime feel in no time.  So let’s make it!


  • white canvas board
  • bright paint
  • yarn
  • assorted color fabrics
  • buttons
  • faux leaves
  • tacky glue
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • straight edge and pencil

Blooming Canvas art project supplies

Make it:

First, paint the canvas any color you want. I went with bright blue but you can also leave the canvas white to really allow the colors of the fabric flowers pop!

Painting Canvas

While the canvas is drying, start prepping the flowers. You will need 10-14 finished flowers which means 30-42 individual layers of fabric. I used a floral print fabric and cut out some of the flowers printed on it.

Cutting flower patterned fabric

On the solid fabric and remainder of floral print fabric, cut 4″x4″ squares, fold the square in half and then in half again and cut a petal shape from the center point.

Cutting petals from fabric

You will end up with a four petal flower. Continue this step using the fabric squares to create enough flowers to layer together to create a flower. TOP TIP: Starch your fabric before you cut out the flowers shapes. It gives the fabric some extra stability for the making process.

Variety of cut out petals from fabric

Close up fabric flowers

Assemble the flowers. Layer the petal pieces on top of one another mixing and matching the solid and print fabrics. Add a cut out fabric flower to the top.

Assembling the fabric flowers with hot glue

You will want to make large flowers and small flowers to give the canvas some texture and depth

Various sizes of flowers

After the canvas is dry, lay the large flowers on the board to decide where to place the stems. Using your straight edge and pencil, draw a line from the flower to the bottom of the canvas.

Drawing lines for stems on dry painted canvas

Using tacky glue, add the pieces of yarn on the glue to create the stems. Let it dry.

Gluing yarn on the canvas for stems

Finish up the flowers by adding a button to the center. Make any extra flowers you think you might need.

Adding buttons to complete the flowers

Using hot glue, stick the flowers to the tops of the yarn stems on the canvas. Add in any extra stems and flowers needed to fill the canvas.  Glue on the leaves to finish the project.

Gluing flowers and stems on canvas

And there you have it, a picture perfect garden of flowers just in time for spring. This adorable blooming canvas art can be customized to match any home decor and makes a wonderful handmade gift.

Completed floral canvas on work table


Finished Blooming Canvas Art project on the wall

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