5 Stay at Home Activites

Try these stay at home activities for kids!

Here is the inspiration you’ve been waiting for…these are fun ideas the entire family can do to spend quality time together. Plus, keep the kids busy so you can get something done!

Paper Bag Puppets

Create a puppet show

Create paper bag puppets and write a script for the kids to perform for mom and dad.  And while we are all still being mindful of big gathering, the kids can perform the play over a live video call for everyone to see.

Explore a new culture

Explore a new culture

Dive into the culture of other countries. You pick a new country for each day and have the kids learn about that country.  Find the country on a map, have the kids craft the country’s flag, find out interesting facts about that country and even serve one of the country’s cuisine for lunch – this is a great way for the kids to be engaged in something fun, a great teaching moment and it can help them escape from home —- it’s like they are on vacation! Start with the country of your own family’s origins!

Dad on Duty Sign

Design On-Duty Signs

These days it seems like everyone in the house is in charge and it can get overwhelming for mom and dad, and even the kids. So get things clear and show who’s the “go to” parent of the moment and create a mom on duty, dad on duty table top sign! Get the craft supplies out! One side of the sign says “Mom on Duty” and the other says “Dad on Duty”

Then set it on an easel and put it where all the little eyes can see.

It’s either moms turn or dad – now you have to make the schedule!

Olympic Decor

Host your own Olympics

Organize your own olympics! Pick 4 to 5 activities the kids  can do outside in the backyard – each parent can be the coach of the team and the kids can compete in a variety of activities… it’s a great way to get the kids motivated to move.

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Say Thank you to our heros!

Make a sign to stick in the window thanking the healthcare workers and first responders for their dedication and action during this pandemic and also thanking your neighbors for staying home!

This is a time of uncertainty but we can all do our part to grow as individuals and create family time that is unforgettable!


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