I mean, you do need a lot of wine corks! And the only way to get those corks is to enjoy the process!

What you’ll need is corks, lots and lots of corks, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and flat back beads.


Start by making a base with the corks… be careful using the glue gun, it’s extremely hot and will burn your fingers so in other words if you’ve had to empty the bottles to get the corks… be extra careful with a hot glue gun!


Once you have a base to build from, start gluing corks on and upward! Here you can decide how large you want your tree. Tall and skinny, short and fat, round and full…it’s your tree so go with it!


And remember there is no such thing as a mistake or wrong placement of the corks just keep gluing until you have something that looks like a tree! It’s a creative process and the finishing embellishments later on will make it looks tree like!


Once you have your tree form finished add some corks to the sides to fill it out and fix any imperfections…or not, it’s your tree! Next, you’ll want to put ornaments on your tree. I used flat back cabochon beads but you can use anything you have around the house; Small figurines, tiny toys, marbles, pom poms, yarn. I went with a yarn pom pom for the star topper!


Glue the beds on… the more the better but again, it’s your tree!


If you’re still upright when the tree is complete have a toast to your beautiful creation!


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