All those CDs you have piled up on the shelve that you never listen to anymore…well, I’ve got a new use for them! Turn them into theme coasters for yourself or as a great gift idea! First, be sure to download all the music you want off of them before you make the coaster and then get ready to recycle them into music history.


Choose 6-8 CDs of your favorite artists or coolest looking CD artwork. If you’re using them as a gift can create a them. Say for example, your friend likes 80s music select 6-8 CDs from the top 80’s musicians or maybe you have a grunge rocker in your life… grab the 90s music and get working.

To do this project you’ll need 6-8 CDs, sticky back felt you can get at any craft store (I like to use black, red or green but you can use any colors you want), a sharpie and scissors.


First, trace around the CD on the paper side of the felt.


Next, cut out the circles from the felt.


Finally, stick the felt on the music side of the CD, trim the edges close and, viola, you have coasters!


For the perfect gift, make about 6-8 of them for a party size coaster set. That’s it, three simple steps and you have trendy coasters ready for your next drink!


Recycle, refashion, refurbish, reuse! Remember, it’s FUN to make something and do-it-yourself!

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