Don’t throw away that old Halloween costume repurpose it for your Thanksgiving table! Remember the pillowcase pumpkin costume we made for Halloween well there’s no reason to toss it… repurpose it for Thanksgiving décor. It’s easy and looks so festive.

Beckett Pumpkin 1

What you’ll need scissors, pillowcase pumpkin costume OR orange fabric, matches or a lighter and puffy fabric ink.


First cut the pillowcase material into 20″ strips and about 4″ wide to create a plate sash. Cut as many plates sashes as you need… so who’s coming to thanksgiving dinner?


Next, slightly burn the edges of the strips to give a weathered look. You can use a match but I found it easier to use a lighter. Remember, this part of the project is for adults. Let it burn briefly and blow it out right away. Do a little at a time, as it gets smoky so it’s best to do in a ventilated area.

Dish Sash_Burning

Once both side of the sash are burnt to your desire, wipe away the excess char and get creative. Okay kids, your turn…

Grab an autumnal colored fabric marker and write your guests’ names on each sash. You can also add any other embellishments like flowers, leaves, etc.


Add to each place setting and start the rest of your table décor! Try adding a Sweet Treats Box, Candy Corn candle and left over Halloween costume centerpiece.


Oh yeah, and be Thankful!

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