Create beautiful Thanksgiving day table decor with your Halloween costumes. Learn how to repurpose the fabric and create a table worth talking about with custom dish name sashes and a focal centerpiece! And all that candy gets reinvented into Sweet Treats Boxes, kid friendly necklaces and winter sweets!

So really, how much trick or treat candy CAN you eat? Not sure what to do with it all? Well, here’s a great idea to carry it thru to your Thanksgiving table! Create Sweet Treat Boxes and share them with your guests! Plus it adds a nice touch to your Thanksgiving table too!


What you need are used jewelry boxes or those small boxes you get when you buy earrings or a necklace, brown paper bag, tape, scissors, ribbon and LOTS of Halloween candy.


First, wrap the boxes in the brown paper bag. I like to wrap the top and bottom separately so it’s easy for your guests to open.


Next, tack the ribbon on the inside of the box.


Tie a beautiful bow with your ribbon. You can use fall colors or any ribbon that matches your table décor.


I like to use two different ribbons to make the box look more colorful and inviting.


Stock it full of Halloween candy and put them at every place setting at your table!


Sit back and enjoy delight on your guests’ faces when they see the sweet treat box they get! Plus, know you saved yourself thousands of calories!!! You’re welcome.

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