Give some LOVE to your front door with this Garden Host Decorative Wreath

Sometimes it may not feel like spring but the calendar says it is here…. fresh new beginnings, the bright sun, watching the trees bud, the  flowers bloom, baseball season and we are outside again!

So why not add the welcoming touch of spring to your front door with the festive and fun garden hose wreath. It’s so unbelievably easy you’ll want to make one for all the neighbors, or sell them at the next art fair! Let’s make it!

Spring Garden Hose Wreath










You’ll need: a 6′- 10′ leader hose (that’s the shortest part of the hose that goes from the water source to your hose) you can find these at any hardware store for under 10 bucks, burlap ribbon or what ever color ribbon you like, faux flowers and maybe a hot glue gun but that’s optional.

Spring Garden Hose Wreath Supplies







Make it:

Loosen the coil of the hose to it looks “relaxed” and both ends are on either side of the wreath circle and tie it at the top with one of the twist ties that come with the packaging of the hose. This will ensure the hose stays together.

Garden Hose coiled








Next, tie the ribbon around the top of the hose to make a bow.

Spring Garden Hose Wreath Burlap knotSpring Garden Hose Wreath Burlap bow







Finally, add the flowers to the top of the bow in any arrangement you prefer. It helps to cut the wire stems of the flowers with wire cutters. You can easily slipped them into the ribbon and inside the knot. If you prefer you can glue the flowers on and around the bow and hose with a hot glue gun.

Garden Hose Wreath Flower placement








You can add stencil letter embellishments or whatever else you like to make it your own!

And there you go…SPRING HAS SPRUNG – but not a leak – with this Garden Hose Wreath!

Completed Spring Garden Hose Wreath Project

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