Try these simple and easy DIY costume ideas!

Dressing up is one of the most fun things about halloween but it can be expensive and time consuming.  So I’ve got a few creative ideas that will have you fit for first prize at your virtual costume contest. They’re easy, inexpensive and you can make them at home in no time at all!

Smart Cookie

Since homeschooling has taken on a new meaning this year deck yourself out as a smart cookie!!! All you need is a cap and gown – and then print and cut out lifesize images of cookies …. Tape them on!  You’ll look smart and sweet all at the same time.


Next, if you prefer to go classic this halloween give this skeleton costume a simple make-over! All you do is, grab a plain white tee. Cut out sections of it to create a rib cage illusion. Then wear it over a black shirt!

Get creative with skull face makeup and you’re dressed to impress this halloween!

IG Filter

Finally, this instagram filter costume is topical, witty and soooo on trend!  Plus it’s easy to do.  Start by taking a screenshot of your favorite filter on snapchat.  Print it on a large poster board. Cut out an oval in the center for your head. Be sure to paint your face to match. And you are selfie-centric!

With a little inspiration and some imagination you can create great costumes!

Happy halloween!!










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