Chances are if you look around you’ll see pine cones almost anywhere this time of year …. And with the endless ideas to turn them into a cool craft project don’t just leave them on the ground, scoop them up and make something…and i’ve got a few ideas to get you inspired.

Before you get started, remember, pinecones are part of nature and that means sometimes little creatures like to make themselves comfy inside; so first you gotta bake the bugs out! Just lay them on a foil lined baking sheet and pop them in the oven at low temperature for an hour or so, that’ll do the trick and you’re all set to start crafting.

First for thanksgiving, turn your pinecones into mini turkeys for delightful table decor – these characters will have everybody smiling before they gobble – gobble up dinner.

If you have a lot of pinecones, you can make a wreath by simply gluing the pinecones onto a flat base. Just add a ribbon or embellishment to pretty up your front door decor.

Now pinecones make adorable ornaments too! So just get some metallic pipe cleaner, gold ribbon to create angels for the tree.

Since the pinecone edges look like tree bristles when you combine a bunch together, make a mini christmas tree by hot gluing them on to a styrofoam cone and just give it a coat of green paint to finish.

If you simply want to make timeless art, cut the bottoms off the pinecones, glue them on a piece of barn wood and you’ll have beautiful pop art floral wall hanging.

And finally, chilly winters mean warm and cozy fires and these pine cones make the best fire igniters. All you do to prep them is dunk them in melted wax, let them dry and tie em together….this also makes a great gift too.

Remember, if your backyard is filled with pinecones, don’t look beyond them, look at them and you’ll see free craft supplies! Because with a little inspiration and a few pinecones you can make just about anything!!vWHvn9biHKY

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