Treat Mom like a queen this Mother’s Day with Breakfast in Bed

It’s Mom’s special day so serve her breakfast in bed or a fancy dinner on her own personalized table cloth! It’s an easy no-sew project … make this custom table runner and chalkboard coffee mug…just don’t ask mom to help you with the ironing! Let’s make it!


For the table runner:

  • Cotton fabric
  • iron-on transfer sheets (they make them for light and dark fabrics),
  • an iron
  • Pinking shears or scissors

For the Coffee Mug:

  • Plain ceramic coffee mug
  • Chalk paint
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brush
  • chalk

Make it:

First, press an old table cloth so it’s wrinkle free. Or, you can make your own table runner from some scrap fabric; I choose this bright floral fabric because it reminds me of Mom’s beaming light and love!

Using pinking shears cut a long rectangle that will drape over a serving tray. Mine is 32″ x 20″. Pinking shears allows for a no-fray, decorative edge.

Cutting fabric with pinking shears

Next, read the directions on the iron-on transfer sheets.  The directions on the transfer sheets are different for light and dark fabrics. Create your image or text on the computer and print it on your transfer paper and set it on your prepared fabric.Cut out iron on design

Carefully iron the transfer sheet design on your fabric and when it cools, peel off to see your design.

Iron the design on the fabric

Peel away the top protective layer of the design after its cooled

Now let’s make the coffee mug. Using painter’s tape, stick the tape along the top edge of the ceramic mug.

Tape top of mug to prep for painting

Taping the mug before painting

Paint the exposed area of the mug with chalk paint. Let it dry.

Painting the ceramic mug with chalk paint

Once the paint is dry, peel the tape off to reveal a nice straight edge and the perfect chalkboard.

After paint dries, peel away the tape to show the chalk border

Using your chalk, write love notes or mom!

Write something on your mug

And you’re done! Pour a cup of coffee and make a delicious breakfast to go along with this beautiful table setting!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom's Beautiful Table Top for Breakfast in Bed


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