Enjoy every bit of a new season with this mixed frame spring sign!

Time to think Spring and this frame sign says it all, literally. SPRING. It’s easy to make and will bring a smile to your face and some joy to your home for the new season!

Frames, glue, cardstock


  • (6) small frames
  • Colorful cardstock
  • Glue – use E600 or hot glue
  • Scissors


Let’s talk frames… unless you have an abundance of frames laying around the house, finding six frames that are all almost the same size is a fun task!  First, you can head to the thrift store and pick up used frames and if they are various of colors you can leave them as it, or paint them to match your home decor.  In this demo, I used 2″ frames leftover from my wedding table decor!  Mix and match the frames for an eclectic look or keep them all the same for a clean sleek line.

Multiple frames to create a sign

First, take the acrylic, plastic or glass piece out of the frame and trace around it on cardstock to create a template for the colorful insert. Cut 6 using all the same paper or a variety of colors and patterns.

Cutting correct sized paper to fit the frames

Using your Brother Scan n Cut, cut the S-P-R-I-N-G letters out in any color you want.

SPRING letters cut out of black card stock

Glue the letters on a piece of the sized cardstock. You can use a quick drying tacky adhesive for this part.

Use tacky adhesive to glue letters on the card stock pieces

Insert the letter block into the frame…be sure to get the letters in the right order, you don’t want to spell S-I-R-P-N-G!

Insert letter blocks into the frames

Using hot glue or heavy duty E6000, glue mini frames together. Overlap the edges if the frames are various  sizes and shapes, this will give it some added texture. You may have to use painter’s tape to hold the frames together as they set.  Let them dry overnight.

Overlapping the frames, glue them together

You can personalize this sign too by using a family name, or another word like love or flowers or blooms or bunnies… yeah, you get the idea.


SPRING sign finished craft

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