LUCKY Penny Art for your Mantel

This is home décor perfect for a St Patrick’s Day celebration and a great way to use up all those pennies!

  • Letter cutouts L-U-C-K-Y
  • Pennies about $5 worth!
  • Bronze or Green paint (optional)
  • All-purpose glue or Hot Glue

First, paint the cardboard letters if you want them another color than natural; bronze or green are great ideas.

Next, lay all the cleaned and dry pennies on the front face of each letter – be sure to cover it all.

Glue each penny in place!

LUCKY letters display supplies

Gluing letters on the letters

Set this up on a mantel, shelf or windowsill and it’s easy DIY décor for your St Patrick’s Day celebration!

May you always have LOVE in your heart and the LUCK of the Irish by your side! Sláinte!

LUCKY Penny Letter Craft Display

Close up of LUCKY letters sign with clover embellishments



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