Make your own Leprechaun Beard Mask

Since we are all already wearing a mask, here’s a quick trick to add ‘extra’ to your mask and create a timely Leprechaun look! Paper or fabric… I’ve got you covered!

Leprechaun Beard Mask Supplies


  • Already constructed face mask (if you have one that is flesh tone – that’s great!)
If you are sewing:
  • 1 yard Orange Fabric
  • Spray starch (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Hole Punch
If you are gluing:
  • Orange fun foam
  • Orange cardstock
  • Pencil
  • All-purpose glue
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Hole punch

Pattern for the Leprechaun beard


First draw out the shape of a long beard on craft paper to use as pattern. Be sure to include a hole for the mouth.

Next, cut out the beard shape on the fabric (if you are sewing) or on the fun foam if you are gluing.

Cutting Beard from Orange Fun Foam

Cutting Leprechaun Beard from orange fabric

If you are sewing, cut strips of fabric 2 inches width and the length is determined by what part of the beard you are covering. The bottom of the beard may be shorter in length, 3” and the top of the beard is longer, i.e. 11” Cut multiple strips of fabric to cover the base of the beard from top to bottom.

Rotary Cutting Orange Fabric Making fringes for leprechaun beard from fabric strips

And then cut into the width of the fabric about ½” apart to create fringe. Do this to all the pieces.

If you are gluing, cut the orange cardstock into 3”x1/2” strips; you will need to cut 75 pieces or more to cover the base of the beard.

Cutting strips of paper to create paper leprechaun beard

Sew the long edge of the fabric strips on the beard base.  Or, roll each piece of paper around a pencil to make it curl and then glue it on the beard…all over!

Curling paper strips around a pencil to create leprechaun beard


Sewing fringe on fabric leprechaun beard

Next, cut (2) 6” pieces of elastic and create loops for the ears. For the paper beard, using a hole punch or scissors, make an opening on each side at the top of the beard and secure the elastic on the beard. If you are sewing, there is no need to create holes, you can simply sew the elastic in place.

Wear this beard over your mask and you are in full St Patrick’s Day disguise.

Finished Leprechaun beard sewn on a face covering mask

Happy Paddy’s Day!!!!  Celebrate responsibly!

Finished paper leprechaun mask as shown on modelFinished Fabric leprechaun mask as shown on model

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