Be the hostess with the mostest American Pride with these easy DIY crafts for your Independence Day party!

For the table, it’s a simple one and done runner, lay 3 individual bandannas down the center of the table overlapping just the edges… no sew, no glue, no nothing and super DIY sensible!


Added a simple U.S.A. banner to the table made from paper and twine.


For the denim place mats, just cut the backside of the jeans off and your done!  Use the pockets for utensil and napkin holders! So easy, no sewing required, and once you wash them edges will get that cool frayed look!


If you want a little more of a challenge you can cut strips of denim and weave them together to create a woven denim placemat, you can sew them together but liquid stitch works fine too!

DIY_Denim placemat

DIY_Denim Placemat close up

Take a big bite out of the craft room tool box with these utensils. Use regular plastic boring utensil and cover the handles with decorative craft tape. Now your flatware can even stand up and salute!

Add a little food DIY USA decor to your table with hot dog wraps! I cut 9″ strips of red and white striped paper, cut out simple blue stars with my die cut machine and tacked them to the paper. And then I glued pom-pom balls the end of a tooth pick for the perfect embellishment for my sweet treats…it’s all about the presentation you know!

DIY Hotdog wraps (1)
DIY sweet treat toothpicks

The Rockit candy bags are an explosive favor for the kiddos! I used white paper bags, added star stickers, filled them with candy, wrapped the edges and finishing touches, I glued a red cone on one end and glitter pipe cleaners to the other.


For the tea light lanterns, I used red, white and blue netting and wrapped it around the candle then you can use battery-operated candles!

DIY Tea Lanterns

Finally, how about decorating your lawn — had to give credit to my friends at the Concrete Cottage blog for this awesome idea — Painted Lawn Stars. Do this using a cardboard stencil and construction marking spray paint!

DIY_Concrete cottage_4th of July Painted Lawn Stars

There you have a DIY 4th of July…and by the way, all of these will come in handy in a few weeks when you host your Olympics party!


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