Recycle and reuse those old books by creating theme gift tags for all occasions. All you need is an old book, gift tag stencil, reinforcement tabs, cording and stickers.

First a few pages out of an old book (not the one your husband is currently reading) and trace around a tag shaped stencil. You can create a stencil using an old, sturdy folder. I measure mine out 2.5″ x 4″ but you can make them as big or small as you wish!



I like to trace the stencil on the text diagonally to give it a better design aesthetic.


You can do 2-3 stencils per page and be sure to cut several pages at one time creating multiple tags.


They also sell pre-cut paper punchers in various shapes at the craft store; most people use them for scrap booking but this is an alternate use. If you don’t have the money then drawing your own is super easy!

After you cut out the stenciled tags then using a whole punch, punch thru the top of the tags, stick reinforcement tabs around the wholes on both sides and cut a 10” piece of cording.



Fold the cording in half and tie it in a knot at the end. To attach it to the tag, put the loop through the whole and pull the end thru the loop.



Finish by selecting your perfect sticker; I like to use flowers for everyday use and of course themed stickers for the holidays or birthdays.


Write on the gift tag with a sharpie and voila, your present looks better than everyone else. Plus these tags are easy to make and very inexpensive!



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