Make this Easter Bunny Garland!

Have a HOPPY Easter and make this adorable bunny bunting with the aspiring young crafters in your home!  It’s going to be egg-celllent so let’s get started!

Easter Bunny Cut Out Supplies


  • Cardstock Bunny cut-outs
  • Decorative Pom pom embellishments
  • Yarn
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue
  • Scissors


To make the Bunny garland, first, cut out the shape of a bunny using card stock, fun foam or felt.  Here I used drew the shape of the bunny and scanned it into my Brother ScanNCut to create multiple cutouts with various colors and patterned cardstock.

Scan n Cut and Bunny Silhouettes

Next, glue the back sides of two bunnies together so the bunny is double sided.

Now, punch holes in the top of the bunny ears.

Step 3: Hole punching bunny cut outs

Glue on the pom pom embellishment to make the bunny tail.

Step 4: adding pom pom tails to the bunny cut outs

Finally, thread the yarn thru the holes weaving it in and out. Tying loops at the ends!

Final step, add yarn thru the bunny hole ears

And there you have it, Bunny garland.  You can add names on each of the bunnies to personalize it for your family too!

It’s going to be a HOPPY ending after all with this BUNNY garland.  You can even use the bunny cut-out to create this Spring theme canvas art or, make a cute gift tag for an Easter basket and let “Some-bunny” know you’re thinking of them!

Bunny Garland finished craft

That’s all Yolks!

Creative Living Sign with bunny garland on it


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