Jane shows viewers how to create fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts for everyone…Kids leprechaun puppets, Pot of Gold candy gifts, Lucky home decor and kids canvas art!

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! With these fun and easy crafts the whole family is sure to have a whale of a time! For the young lads and lassies, start with a Leprechaun paper bag puppet. What you’ll need is a paper bag, construction paper, glue, stickers, buttons, goggley eyes, and anything you have that might at a little green to your project!

St Patricks Day DIY - 56

From the colored construction paper cut out a hat, vest, beard, and anything you may want on your little lucky charm and get gluing. The googley eyes are a nice touch when Irish eyes are smiling on you!

St Patricks Day DIY - 53

The Luck of the Irish can be on prominent display at your party and at your house every day with this decorative design. You’ll need 8″ cardboard stencil letters and lots and lots of pennies. I used about $5 worth!! Simply glue the pennies on each letter and your ready to find your pot of gold!

St Patricks Day DIY - 83
St Patricks Day DIY - 59

Your Pot of Gold is not far with these cute gift ideas…I like them to make and give as gifts to co-workers and teachers. You’ll need a small terra-cotta pot, black paint, glue, glitter and a gold or white marker.

St Patricks Day DIY - 08

Take the terra-cotta pot and paint it black; I like to paint the outside and the inside.

St Patricks Day DIY - 11

Once the paint is dry glue the top rim of the pot and sprinkle it with glitter.

St Patricks Day DIY - 28

Once the glitter is dry you can write on the pot and don’t forget to put the “gold” inside… I like using rolos candy or chocolate coin candy if you’re using it for gifts!

St Patricks Day DIY - 50

An Irish Blessing for you…May your troubles be less and your Blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come thru your door. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

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