Brighten up your living space with DIY Springtime Paper Mache Letters!

After your spring cleaning chores are complete, add a pop of color to your home decor with personalized letters. You can make one for everyone in the family and since we’re using faux flowers, no spring allergies to worry about!   If you’re ready to start, let’s make it!


  • 3D Paper Mache or Cardboard letters
  • precision carving knife
  • paint
  • faux flowers
  • hot glue
  • wire cutters

Spring themed Paper Mache Letter Project Supplies

Make it:

Using your precision carving knife, carefully cut the front side of the letter off.  Use slow and precise motion when following the outer edge of the letter to remove the front face.

Using a precision blade to cut the front face off the 3D letterCutting the front face off the 3D cardboard letter

Take out the cardboard stabilizer inside the 3D letter.  Now you have a hollow letter.

Showing inner cardboard stabilizer piece inside 3D letter

Removing inner stabilizing piece

Paint the outside of the letter any color you want. I am using silver metallic so the finished project looks metal.

Cut out letter and paint

Painting outside of the letter

While the letter is drying, prep the faux flowers by cutting off the stems. Sometimes faux flowers can simply be pulled off the stem without having to use wire cutters to remove it.

Now, paint the inside edge of the letter.

Letter completely painted silver metallic

Once the edges are dry, arrange your flowers nestled inside the letter. Be sure to use the pops of color throughout the letter.

Adding the first flower into the letter

Arranging flowers into the letter casing and gluing

Once you’ve decided on the layout, glue the flowers into the letter.  Add leaves into your design too for some extra depth.

Flowers inside letter for positioning

Adding leaves to the flowers

And there you have it, a Springtime paper mache personalized letter.  Make a letter for your partner, your kids and even your furry four legged family members!  Or use several letter to create initials, or even spell out a word. Now you’re getting creative!

3D Flower Initials

Just make this simple project to liven up your home for the season.

Flower letter J finished project

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