A great way to repurpose those old glass pickle jars is to create a unique hostess gift this holiday season. Lets get started…

You’ll need: red and white felt, white fuzzy fabric, googly eyes, white pom poms, fabric glue and hot glue.

First, measure the circumference of your jar

Cut the red felt to make a cone hat to fit the top of the jar.

Glue the edges of the cone together with fabric glue.

Cut a strip of fuzzy white fabric to fit the bottom of the cone

Next, glue on the fuzzy white fabric around the bottom of the cone.

Glue on a white pom pom to the top and you have santa’s hat.

Next, using a paper pattern, trace the shape of a beard and mustache onto the white felt and cut it out.

Glue on santa’s beard and mustache and googly eyes using hot glue.

Fill it with candy and put the hat on!

There you have it, a santa candy jar for the hostess who is a little bit naughty and a lot nice!

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