Be your own diy designer and add ruffles to an old shirt for a new update.

You’ll need: An old t-shirt with short to three quarter length sleeves. coordinating fabric. use polyester, cotton, jersey knit or a blend. pins and a sewing machine.

Measure the circumference of the sleeve.

Fold the coordinating fabric 2” lengthwise and cut to make strip. The length should be 4-5 times the circumference of your sleeve so you can gather it up to make the ruffle.

Gather the strip of fabric sewing with a long stitch and pulling the loose threads (you can also do this using a thread and needle and weaving in and out of the fabric). Gather the fabric to a length that fits around your sleeve.

Serge or zit zag stitch the raw edge or sew on binding tape.

Do the same with the coordinating fabric for as many ruffles as you want on your sleeves. Think about using a variety of colors or patterns to give your shirt a flirty flair.

Pin it in place and sew on.

There you have it, with just a few ruffles you made a refashioned t-shirt using the top trend of the season.

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