With wedding season around the corner give the gift of handmade and make your own mixed media canvas collage.

All you’ll need is a printed color photo of the bride and groom, decoupage adhesive, paint brush, hot glue, floral and jewel embellishments.

Start by brushing the canvas with the decoupage adhesive so it’s wet.

Next, place the photo on top of the wet canvas and paint adhesive all over the photo so it’s wet too. Let the canvas dry until it has a shiny luster. Usually 24 hours will do the trick. Remember, when creating these layers be careful to allow enough drying time between to make sure the final work has a good base.

Spray or paint on a polycrylic finish on top if the photo and it’s time to add on the embellishments. Glue on your favorite items like paper flowers, beads and gems.

It’s a beautiful piece of art and a one-of-a-kind wedding photo for the happy couple.

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