This wine bag completes the look of the bottle you bring as a hostess gift and it’s easy to make! You’ll need: a pair of old jeans, scissors, sewing machine and ribbon.

For this project we will use the top half of an old pair of jeans so cut off the legs first. Be sure to save the leg material scraps for other projects.

Using only half of the top of your jeans; cut a 15” x 12”square. To do that, cut up the inside leg and through the crotch area, and then cut around the zipper.

You won’t use the zipper on this design but be sure to include a front and back pocket… you can use these pockets later to add a cork screw or wine opener to your gift.

And now for the good news, you can get two wine bags from each pair of jeans! If you want to give it more character, add iron-on decals or embroidery to the pockets before you stitch up the base and sides.

Next, serge or zig zag the edges and then sew the bottom and side seams.

There you have it, old jeans with a new purpose and a great gift.

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