You’ve got to admit that coloring is a “thing” these days! So use your artwork to create an envelope card.

You’ll need 4-6 envelopes; a paper cutter, tape or scrapbook adhesive, ribbon, and colored paper.

First, secure the envelopes together by taping each flap to the backside of the next envelope; leaving the pockets facing the same direction, creating a string of envelopes that fold into one another. You’ll notice each of these envelopes becomes a pocket to leave notes, gift cards and money in!

Cut your coloring book pages in to sections that fit the front faces of the envelopes. Do the same for the inside of the card.

You can use various coloring book pages or make color copies of the original artwork.
Add a ribbon to the last envelope for the closure.

There you have it a unique gift card made with love!

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