Fireworks will explode in the sky this fourth of july so make these cute treat bags for the kids! You’ll need white paper bags, red white and blue washi tape, red card stock cut into a circle, silver metallic pipe cleaners, star stickers, your paper scissors and candy!

First, cut off the bottom of the bag and down the side so you have a 9×9 inch square.

Lay the bag flat; tape the long end together to create the body of the rocket so there are openings at both ends. Using alternating colors add the washi tape all the way around the bag until you have covered the entire bag with stripes. Add the star stickers all over the bag.

Next, tightly twist one end of the bag, then wrap tape around the twisted end to secure and fill the bag with candy. Then tightly twist the open end andwrap tape around it to secure.

To create the rocket topper, cut halfway into the red paper circle until the point of your scissors reaches the center.

Using the center as a point, overlap the edges of the circle to make a cone. Squeeze a dab of glue inside the point of the cone and place it over one of the twisted ends of the bag.

Add silver pipe cleaners to the other twisted end of the bag.

Make several bags and put them into a large bowl on display. Or, these bags also make a
great bring along treat if you are attending a party.

So sit back and watch your friends ooooh and ahhh as they make these rocket candy bags explode!

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