It’s so easy to distress a sweatshirt… first of all, know that depending on the color of your original sweatshirt your ending color will vary every time. My grays turned pink and my blacks brown. Make sure garment is cotton.

You’ll use a bleach bath to create the distressed look. In a beach friendly basin mix warm water and bleach (use 3/4 water to 1/4 bleach) but make sure the garment is submerged.

To get the “look”, scrunch the sweatshirt in various areas and in no particular locations then bind the areas with a thick rubber band. You can twist it or tie it in knots or just gather It together, anything to make it bunched up.

Submerge it in the bleach bath and let it sit. The longer you let it sit the more color will fade.

When you’ve achieved the color you like then remove the rubber bands and thoroughly rinse out. I recommend you wear gloves as the bleach is harsh on your hands.

Let it hang dry. Rinse it again to make sure all the bleach is out. Dry again, add your zipper and you’re ready to wear!! Think of it as “wearable art!”

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