Pinata Themed Drink Stirs for Cinco de Mayo

Let’s “Taco-bout” it!  Every year we celebrate this special day with plenty of food and drink! So, add a finishing festive touch to your Cinco de Drink with this drink stir perfect for your fiesta.  This project is so easy to make, create enough to use as decorative food picks too!

Let’s make it!

Pinata drink stir project supplies


  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Plastic appetizer picks
  • Precision Knife
  • Hot Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Polycrylic Protective Spray
  • Colorful Streamers
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock
  • Colorful fabric ribbon

Make it:

Puncture a small hole in the ping pong ball using your precision cutting knife.

Insert the plastic pick into the hole securing it in place with hot glue.

Let it sit until it’s firm and cool.

Find a styrofoam ball to set the picks in while it sets and continue to work.  Decide on the color palette you want to use and cut small, thin strips from the streamers.

Cutting strips of streamer paper

Using a foam brush, cover the ping pong ball with Mod Podge spreading it all over.

Covering the ping ping ball with mod podge and paper strips

Carefully lay the streamer paper strips on the mod podge covered ball. Continue to layer the strips and cover the with another layer of streamer paper.

Layering the paper strips and mod podge to the ball

Add designs elements using the other streamer colors.

Adding a design with alternate paper colors to the pinata ball

Set aside to completely dry. While it’s drying, make more ping pong pinata balls.

Finishing the pinata ball with mod podge to cover

Next, cut a circle out of cardstock.

circle cut out from cardstock

Cut into the circle to create an open notch. This will allow you to create a cone shape from the cardstock.

cut out notch into circle

Wrapping circle to create a cone shape

Cut 3-5 ribbons about 4-5″ long.

Cutting 5 pieces of multi-colored ribbon

Tie them in a knot at the top.

Ribbon strings tied in a knot at one end

Wrap the top of the knot inside cardstock circle and create a cone. Glue the end down.

Insert knot into cone and wrap around

Glue cone into place

Once the pinata ball is dry, cover it with polycrylic protective spray and let it dry.

Add glue to the bottom edge of the cone and stick it to the top of the Pinata ball.

Glue edge of cone and add to the top of the pinata ball

Add a some bling or embellishments to the final project. And make some more!

Adding bling embellishment to the project for extra flair

Various pinata stirs

Before you use the pinata stir, wipe the stick clean.  Add limes to anchor the pinata stir in a glass and add to your cocktail of choice, or use as table decorations. This Pinata cocktail stir can also be used as decorative food pick!


Disclaimer: The pinata cocktail stir or pinata food pick is for decoration only. It is not made for floating or submerging in a drink.

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