Using ball caps, ball gowns, wine corks and CDs, Jane demonstrates how to make a fabric wreath from scraps, a baseball cap wreath from your favorite lids, a wine cork Christmas tree and ornaments, and personalized CD ornaments…Your stuff from an old mess to a holiday fest in minutes. For more instructions go to

I like these ornaments because they are nostalgic… they time stamp the time and places because we’re using photos and favorite images. But best of all, they are made from those old CDs taking up all that space on your shelves and it super easy!


You’ll need sticky back felt, a printed photo, tacky spray glue, yarn or ribbon, scissors, and stickers or embellishments like tinsel and sequence.


First, trace around a CD on top of the photo you want to use and cut it out. Do the same on the back side of the sticky back felt.


Cut a small piece of yarn or ribbon to use as a hook and stick it on the sticky side of the felt. Then stick the felt on the CD.


Spray the photo with tacky spray and stick it to the CD to cover the without the felt. So you have one side of the CD with a photo and the other with the felt.


Add stickers or and other embellishments you want to make the ornament festive and you are done!


These ornaments are sure to put a smile on every tree! Merry Christmas!


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